11 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur your time is extremely valuable and there’s never enough of it. Often times you are the only employee in your company and if something is going to get done, you do it. This leads to founders valuing their time at an extreme premium. As you begin this journey to your most productive month ever, know it is going to be a challenge. There will be many things that happen that could derail you from your success. You’re a businessperson, an entrepreneu; people expect you to be sharp, so try and find ways to minimize that clutter in your life. You won’t believe how big of an impact can a clean (over dirty) desk make towards the amount of work you do, or even your overall mood levels.

Here are some more productivity hacks which will help you to run your company better


Make a point to have a day off from your normal, daily routine. Monotony may drive you crazy. You should also have a day without meetings at least twice a month. Think of what all you want and complete that in time first rather than having more and new ones in hand.


Carry an ideas notebook with you at all times and use it! One of the biggest threats to productivity is distraction, and great ideas, important as they are, still count as distractions. Be sure to review your ideas every night and work them into your schedule for the next day.
Precaution: Always make a point to think something different, and not just blindly follow the first thing that comes to your mind.


Punctuality is the reason behind many tasks becoming positive. Keep deadlines to complete delegated work for yourself and also for your colleagues. This will help but increase productivity and efficiency at work.


Harvard Professor Robert Pozen conducted a study and found that exercise makes you more energized and improves your mind. The workout doesn’t have to be long, it only takes about twenty minutes to boost your heart rate and get the benefits from working out.


Every now and then you are going to have tasks on your to-do list that are completely undesirable. They have to get done, so get them out of the way first. If you put them off they will continue to be on your mind, dragging down your overall productivity.


Employees feel like they are all equal parts of the team it improves company morale as well as productivity. You shouldn’t have to micromanage them — if there are situations that require you to micromanage your team then you obviously made some wrong hiring decisions. Accountability is the most important essence of every work. Hold people accountable to you because that will help you have control.


You need to eat and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Skipping a meal because you “don’t have the time” is inexcusable. If you don’t eat and stay hydrated you will become sluggish. This causes your productivity to go down the toilet. Keep protein bars in your desk for those times that you really can’t break away to go eat.


Identify every moving part of your business, from your marketing process to your customer acquisition to purchase fulfillment and create ways to make every step easier. Is there a part of your business that slows you down or frustrates you? Find a way to make challenging aspects work on autopilot and it will free you up to tackle other responsibilities and make your business run smoother. The use of latest technology should be done in order to have the maximum work output with minimum amount of work input


Use a dedicated “offers” email for newsletters, trials, etc; and don’t check it as often. The less your phone is chiming with email notifications and your outlook is importing new messages, the less distracted you will be. Special offers, promotions and newsletters don’t need immediate attention. Check your offers email a couple evenings a week as you are ending your day to stay on top of it without it interfering with your work. Avoid contact with social media during work. This will reduce your productivity and efficiency. Technically, you should only be reading and analyzing content when you’ve got the appropriate amount of time to do it at your disposal. Scrambling together some pieces of content over the course of your day; well, it isn’t really learning, or reading for that matter. It’s clutter. Its distraction, and disadvantage.


Knowing your priorities should be the first thing for you to do. Look, if you don’t know what your priorities are, why are you even trying to be an entrepreneur? I’ll usually stick with two major projects at any given time, trying to take on the 3rd one is only going to cause confusion, and unnecessary headache. But, even with two projects that are active full-time; I’ll try and map my priorities accordingly. Having a lot of tensions in mind may decrease your productivity at work. Have fewer tasks in hand but finish them with efficiency


Most important of all, reward yourself. If you yourself are happy, you can make the world around you happy as well. Please everyone with your work, but first make sure that you please yourself. Set goals for yourself and measure them regularly. It ensures discipline and efficient working of the departments. Have interest, set goals and meet them. Know what you want to achieve. Have a blueprint of that in mind. It ensures clarity, leading to efficiency and productivity.

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