About Us

StartupTalky is a India's leading platform for founders and other stakeholders of the startup ecosystem to share their knowledge, skills and experience. Every day we see 100s of startups launching and almost equal number shutting down. That is why we thought of building StartupTalky. A community of and for entrepreneurs where you can discuss your problems and get opinion from hundreds of people.

With our blog, we are on a mission to create a step by step guide for entrepreneurs which will help them to run their startup. Here you can find articles ranging from idea generation to funding and taking the exit from your startup. We are not restricted to startup and funding stories but want to evolve as a platform for people to tell about their success, failure and learnings. This will help us to learn and not the commit the same mistake in out startup. We also plan to bring you all the recent happenings of the startup ecosystem, researches, and market trends all in one place.

How it Works!

Not everybody can be a contributor on StartupTalky. If you would like to be one of them, fill up this form. After review, we will invite you to become a guest author. The platform has been designed in such a way that along with the articles it provides exposure to the author too. This helps a lot in building your brand.

Each well-written article will get a space on our Facebook page & group (largest startup community of the world). Keep startuptalkying!

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