Philanthropist Adam Works Against Antisemitism

Neeraj SIngh Shekhawat Neeraj SIngh Shekhawat
Aug 21, 2021 3 min read
Philanthropist Adam Works Against Antisemitism

Adam Milstein is a community leader, philanthropist, and a real estate investor. Milstein was born and raised in Haifa, Israel, and graduated from Technion in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science in business and economics. He served in the Israeli military and fought in the Yom Kippur war.

He relocated to the United States in 1981 with his wife and two young daughters where he earned an MBA from USC. In 1983, Adam launched his career in commercial real estate; however, he had long since established his knowledge in the industry while working with his father during college to build their real estate construction and development business. He had planned to stay in America for two years, but 40 years later, he is still here, trying to recuperate his college tuition.

Philanthropy – Where it All Began

Adam Milstein is a passionate advocate against bigotry, antisemitism, and hatred. His influence has not gone unnoticed, and he has received several accolades for his work including being nominated by the Jerusalem Post in the list of ’50 Most Influential Jews; Richtopia’s 100 Most Influential Philanthropists, and JTA’s list of 50 Jews everyone should follow. Adam considers himself an active philanthropist because he plays an active role in the causes he supports. To him, it’s not just about writing checks, it’s about articulating a vision, investing time, and connecting with like-minded organizations to ensure that strategies are implemented.

Adam’s ultimate goal is to make an impact, His faith in God has taught him that giving is the ultimate satisfaction because you reap more than what you have given. You reap fulfilment, meaningful relationship, and most importantly, you get to see lives changed.

His fight against antisemitism started when he served in the IDF, Adam describes this as a defining moment in his life. It was during this time that he learnt to conquer fear and refuse to bow down to his enemies. Everything in his life has prepared him for becoming and active philanthropist. As an active advocate against antisemitism and hate, he has become the target of vicious online attacks.

The naming and shaming squads put an insurmountable amount of pressure on him to give up on his mission, but when he was on the battlefield of Yom Kippur, he vowed never to bow down to his enemies, and he lives by that principle today.

Organizations and Foundations

Adam Milstein is the president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which he founded in 2000 with his wife Gila. Through the foundation they support over 60 pro-Israel and pro-American organizations; their stated mission is to strengthen the Israeli-American alliance, to support the State of Israel and to fight antisemitism and hatred in America. They aim to encourage the next generation of Jewish-Americans through education to become active participants in the fight against antisemitism.

Milstein is also the co-founder of the Israeli American Council (IAC). The organization is dedicated to assisting Americans of Israeli descent living in America to embrace their culture at the same time as thriving in the states. Adam and his wife Gila are also co-founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America. A project that provides free books in the Hebrew language every month to tens of thousands of Israeli-Jewish American families in the United States.

When Milstein entered the world of philanthropy, he brought his in depth knowledge of the business world with him. It is his strong work ethic that is the driving force behind everything he does. He uses the same dedication he used in business to make the world a better place.

Antisemitism is Not Only a Jewish Problem

Adam believes that antisemitism is not only a Jewish problem, but an American one, because the enemies of the Jewish people are first and foremost the enemies of America. By labelling antisemitism as a Jewish problem, the problem will persist. The Jews are a small community, this is not something they can fight alone. Hate organizations from the radical left to the far right are constantly attacking Israel and Jews, but their main aim is the destruction of America as we know it.

His Personal Life

Adam Milstein is married to Gila Milstein; they live in Encino California. They have three daughters, and three grandchildren.

Final Thoughts

In a world ruled by hatred, fueled by chaos and thriving on greed, the spirit of Adam Milstein is a very welcome one. His actions are not for personal gain, he has a genuine concern for his country, America and his work has made a global impact. Selflessness is a rare and unique quality that we need more of; may he continue to strive to bring peace and resolutions to a decaying world.

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