Amazon Pay Launches 'Smart Stores': Can Be A Life Saver For Local Shops And Vendors

Yash Raj Srivastava Yash Raj Srivastava
Jun 26, 2020 2 min read
Amazon Pay Launches 'Smart Stores': Can Be A Life Saver For Local Shops And Vendors

Amazon Pay has launched a feature name Smart Stores on Friday where the customers who needs to buy products have just scan the QR code using the Application and can explore all the products within the store which are available.

Lifeline for small business
Amazon Pay support system for local vendors

This new feature is a Β necessity at this moment and it will probably help the local shops and vendors to come back in the business game. It can be a help for these stores to help increase their sales as compared to the situation in the lockdown, and also more people can come in and get the desired products with following the social distancing norms.

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Amazon Pay CEO Statement

Amazon Pay CEO Mahendra Nerukar said in a statement "Amazon Pay is already accepted at millions of local shops, we are trying to make customers buying experience at local shops more convenient and safe through Smart Stores."

Also adding to it he said "Through EMIs, bank offers and rewards, we seek to make these purchases more affordable and rewarding for customers, and help increase sales for merchants."

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UPI Payment And EMI Option Also Available

Well, this new feature enables users to select all the products around and then they can pay with various options like UPI payment, Amazon Pay balance, credit or debit cards.

EMI options is also available for making it more feasible for the customers transacting at that moment. People can also avail rewards from the banks or Amazon Pay. Providing these features will help the customers to have a better shopping experience and probably help these local shops attract more customers.

Smart Store is also coming up with a feature in which a digital store will be available for the customers in which customers can go through the products that the shop is having , can read and update the reviews of the product and avail many offers which can provide them benefit and a new type of shopping experience.

many shops have signed up for Amazon Pay Smart Stores and came forward as they have found a new hope to bring their business back on track. Big brands such as Big Bazaar and MedPlus have come forward and has take a part in this new initiative. Β 

Amazon Pay was launched in India in February 2019 for the android customers and provided them to pay through their own UPI to get several benefits as an Amazon customers. Amazon UPI helps the amazon customer for easy transactions and provide them with many offers and prizes with each transactions.

A Ray Of Hope For Small Shops And Businesses

After the lockdown has been removed the situations of these small shops and business have suffered a huge loss, because of the customers fearing of getting contacted with the virus. With the launch of this feature it can help regaining what has been lost by these sellers.

With the launch of Paytm contactless ordering last month for the restaurants with the same kind of feature, amazon is also looking forward to go contactless. This can prove to be a successful attempt to gain back it's customer base and earn the trust of the customers.

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