How Amcubes Is Helping College Students Secure Their Dream Jobs

Amcubes is a Hyderabad based startup bridging the gap between talented young minds and recruiters. Companies and startups are constantly on the prowl for young intelligent and skilled people to work with, but students from Tier II and Tier III colleges and universities are unable to come in the eyes of such recruiters due to lack of reach and visibility.

According to Rahul Singh (founder of amcubes), “If given chance and good mentoring, they can perform exemplary well. A proper training and few skill developments can change their life”

This story doesn't end with Engineering Graduates but extends to graduates from other courses of tier II & tier III colleges as well. According to an article in The Economic Times, “94% of engineering graduates are not fit for hiring.” Also India Today says, “93% MBA graduates are unemployable.” Most of the graduation students studying in the not-so-known colleges are on their own, drifting ahead without any proper guidance. The Professors are hardly concerned about students’ learning and ambitions. The seniors are incompetent, not doing enough to strengthen the alumni network. As a result, the students are being misguided. Most end up at IT services providers and call centers, slogging through the day on a minimum wage, ignorant towards the opportunities in life they are losing. The students stay within the cocoon of the limited outlook their seniors and Professors expose them to. Even today, most students depend on campus placements for jobs— impervious to thousands of opportunities out there with the best of the best companies and ventures—not knowing the value of off-campus applications.

Amcubes allows those aspiring minds stuck in such colleges to do short term/long term internships with decent stipends and work in the amazing environment that top notch companies and startups incorporate. It conducts a series of online tests every month geared towards graduates and final year students with thousands of candidates from different streams taking part. Upon clearing the online test, Amcubes grooms the selected candidate for applying in top companies and connects them to various startups looking for qualified individuals.

The training session consists of enhancing communication skills, personality development, training on latest technologies of interest like Android Development, Data Science, iOS Development, Full Stack Web Development, and UX Design to name a few. Equipped with the concept of Cross Team Collaboration, Amcubes then provides online live training to candidates from Industry Experts on those technologies.

“The outdated college curriculum and not having proper guidance and mentorship is the only drawback in today’s college education system” says Rahul while adding, “Even today, I get messages from various students from different colleges asking me if they should learn Java, given that they have learned Python. The sad reality is that these students are taught the wrong way—they are taught that knowing more programming languages and having certificates of various languages reflect a good programmer; while the crème de la crème—Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, NetFlix, Spotify—don’t even bother for such certificates. They hunt for logical thinking, problem-solving ability, and above all, individuals who don't succumb to pressure and challenging engagements.

Amcubes serves as a one stop platform for various emerging startups based in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi for recruiting interns given that the interns groomed by Amcubes are fortified with the much needed skills they seek—be it engineering or management.