Tweet Attacking Chinese Dragon, Creating A Bittersweet Wall Between Twitter And Amul

Amul India twitter account was blocked for sometime resulting outrage in public, but the social networking site on Saturday told people that the account was restricted because of platform's security operations.

The  Amul twitter account was blocked on  the evening of June 4 but was restored by June 5. Speculations are being made that this was done regarding the Amul advertisement related to China.

Amul tweeted this on June 3 and was taken down on June 4

Amul tweeted on June 3 afternoon an advertisment stating 'Exit the Dragon' and its account was taken down on June 4 by twitter.

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This was the message popping up on the evening of June 4

When people tried to accessing a message was popping up saying "This account is temporarily restricted. You’re seeing this warning because there has been some unusual activity from this account. Do you still want to view it?” Twitter are not linking this account restriction to the advertisement.

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“Safety and security of the accounts is a key priority for us and to ensure an account has not been compromised sometimes we require the account owner to complete a simple reCAPTCHA process. These challenges are simple for authentic account owners to solve, but difficult (or costly) for spammy or malicious account owners to complete,” has been a statement generated by a spokesperson of the social media giant Twitter. Also adding that once the security steps are cleared by the account, account once again can gain its full access.

Tweet on China causing trouble to Amul

“To protect the accounts, we routinely require them to clear this security key for login verification,” twitter spokesperson added.

“Our Twitter account was blocked on the night of June 4 and restored on June 5 morning when we again took up the process of reactivation with Twitter,” stated by Amul Managing Director R S Sodhi.

On Saturday evening he also tweeted “Had a call from Shri Manish Maheshwari MD Twitter India, clarifying the issue that the account was blocked due to technical reasons and not in relation to the content published,”

The Amul tweet which has caused this speculations among the people is a photograph of Amul's iconic girl fighting with a dragon that is carrying a placard on which it is written 'Made in China'. Picture also consisting of a photo of TikTok behind the dragon.

This advertisement is also trying to promote self-reliant India which was called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi few days ago as the advertisement carries the tagline 'Amul Made In India'.

People on Twitter are linking up this restriction of Amul's account with the advertisement which was posted, supporting the boycott of China based products. This topic was one of the trending topic in India on Saturday with around 33000 tweets.

R S Sodhi also said “As far as the cartoon is concerned, it is not Amul’s comment. Amul butter girl comments on the mood of the nation and the topics which are in discussions among the common people,”

He told that  the Amul girl campaign has been their one of the main feature since the last 55 years, and the mascot has been a great hit among Indians. With the help of this mascot they only try to talk about the subjects which are trending in a much funnier way.

Amul India was founded in 1946 and has created a special space in almost Indian. This mascot by Amul has been a major hit among the common people of India and has helped Amul to become one of the leading businesses in the Indian market. This was the first time something like this has happened to them.

The company got to know that their account has been blocked through a forward “When we requested Twitter for re-activation, the account was restored,” Sodhi stated.

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