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About - Anthony Stephen Mendes

I wish not to be the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, but a first sight of me projected onto a larger group of people.

Startup Journey

In its 'idea' stage, I look forward to create online services that will mesmerize people before it benefits them.

Challenges faced by Anthony

The capital; always the capital.

Memories which Anthony still remembers

Staying up at 3 AM, and my best idea striking me.

Entrepreneurs Anthony admire the most

Jaspreet Singh. He runs a channel called Minority Mindset on YouTube that deals with various issues. He is a young and energetic guy who uses events and happenings to his advantage and sees a profit where people see a party.

My Powers

I am a Jack of some trades. Specializing in content writing, I also use Photoshop, Premiere Pro & FL Studio (a program for creating music).

Advice by Mr. Anthony

Your business should do the dirty work so your customers feel that they are made up of gold.

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