Things You Must Know To Avoid Bad Startup Culture

The indication of a Bad Startup Culture

When you begin an entrepreneurial journey or get a job in a startup, it feels like you have got a great opportunity to showcase your skill-set and the methodology of work also shifts. This shifts due to the different culture prevailing in different startups. Every organization whether it is big or small have a unique culture to provide diversification. The question that arises here is, what is startup culture and how it affects the workmanship of employees. Numerous scholars and researchers have a different take on corporate culture or startup culture, as the term has a deeper meaning and have a very strong impact on the business. A bad startup culture might ruin the whole business and the foundation also gets degraded. To understand startup culture in brief, we can say that culture is a set of values, morals and believes on which organization works. The culture of an organization is based on the leadership of an organization which is designed by the leader.

So, the nature of startup culture depends upon the nature of the startup owner. CEO has the full responsibility of the culture and he can mold it easily as per his desire. As a leader of an organization is a human and it’s pretty much possible that he might construct the wrong culture in an organization, which instead of boosting the business, lead the path of destruction for it. So, it’s very vital to develop a perfect professional culture in an organization. Well if you are an emerging entrepreneur and want to avoid bad startup culture, then my friend you’re at right place, as today we will discuss some signs of bad startup culture and remedies to overcome them.

Symptoms of Bad Startup Culture:

Before finding the cure of the bad startup culture, we need to find out the symptoms of it. So let’s begin:

  • The leader is the sailor in an organization, so he needs to set a great example for his superiors. If a leader doesn’t work properly and doesn’t delegate’s his duties to others, then this is the indication, that an organization is going to sink very soon.
  • The optimum example of a bad startup culture is when you can’t work, as you desire and you have no creative freedom to explore more. This bondage of culture will affects the performance of the worker.
  • ‘We are good’, ‘future is bright for us’,’We Will get profit soon’, when you hear that kind of words from your boss, then it means you should start looking for new job.
  • The fake media publicity and having numerous fake subscribers will never improve your business because it will give you a false picture of your business.
  • When there is any kind of dispute and rivalry seen in the coworkers of an organization, then that is a definition of a bad startup culture and this will make the environment of the firm tense.
  • When higher authority keeps secrets from the employees and won’t disclose the true picture of an organization to them, which demotivates the employees and doesn’t see the business as their own.
  • The leader should motivate employees to work hard, but they should never be forced to work hard. Their feelings should be also taken into the consideration and fair remuneration should be paid in lieu of extra work.
  • The business houses which forgets to cater to the needs of their customers have no chance to survive in the market. To make a good startup culture you need to satisfy your customers first.
  • Sometimes too much positive attitude can ruin your business. Be realistic and believe only on the facts.
  • If the values of the owner and employees don’t matches, then this will create havoc in the office. As per the words of  Jeff Weiner “You need to repeat your vision as often as possible – so often that you get tired of it – even then you probably didn’t even said it enough”.
  • The fake news or gossip is the reason of bad startup culture and it should be avoided at any cost, as it negatively affects the image of startup and reputation is the only valuable asset of new startups.
  • When the owner is scared to take hard decisions, this is the beginning of a bad startup culture.
  • The policies of an organization should not be rigid and CEO must be capable to twist them, as per the requirement of time.
  • Imbalance distribution of remuneration to the employees will cause partiality in the organization.
  • Drinking or smoking during the work is a highly unethical behavior which is the symptom of bad culture.
  • As, we are now familiar with the few indications of bad startup culture, that destroys the startup from the core. Now is the time to share a few remedies to cure this issue from depth. So, guys pay attention if you are an entrepreneur, who is going to start your own startup or have already run a successful organization to avoid any errors.

Characteristics of good culture are:

  • Strong leadership – The culture of an organization is the extension of its leader’s values. So the leader of a company needs to adopt good values so that it can be seen in the culture of an organization.
  • Creative freedom – The workers should be given freedom to showcase their ideas freely and leader must give them some freedom to work as they wish.
  • Mission – People have a shared sense of company mission. They “feel” it and its often tied to a problem they care about even if they’re not a primary user. They feel good about what they are doing as a company and are proud of the impact they’re creating.
  • Fast pace – This is the twenty-first century, so an organization should be run according to it and the work should be completed in a fast pace.

So, after analyzing the symptoms of bad startup culture and evaluating the characteristics of a good culture, we come to the conclusion that leadership is the sole reason behind the culture. So leaders need to gather themselves and run their startup in good working culture.

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