How To Become Best Graphic Designer

In this article, I am going to be going over everything you need to know about graphic design like exactly what is graphic design and what graphic designer do? What school and school work would look like if you are going to school for graphic design and also what life after college looks like?

With the improvement in the all-around pressure for design services, the Indian design enterprise is also evolving. Expecting the Indian graphics business to grow up to a whopping INR 188.32 billion by 2020. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, united states' report, 5% of growth can be expected by 2026.

What Exactly Is Graphic Design?
Is Graphic Design A Great Job?
Misconceptions About Graphic Designer
How much experience is needed?

Be The Best Graphic Designer
Be The Best Graphic Designer

What Exactly Is Graphic Design?

When you are a graphic designer you are a creative problem solver and your job is to find a creative solution for someone else's need. An example of graphic design out in the real world is packaging, movie poster design, restaurant menus, graphics on the web. Everything that takes a lot of creative processes and everything out in the world that was made by a graphic designer.

Is Graphic Design A Great Job?

Honestly, that is totally up to you. You have to be the judge of that. If, you are creative and you know the art is your passion and you feel like you have an eye for design you can be a great graphic designer. Lots of people have different tastes but you have to be true to yourself. If you like it you should pursue it. Going to school we saw lots of people go into graphic design and drop out.

Do not take graphic design if you want to start your t-shirt companies, but we are half of the people that would they were the way I want to start my own t-shirt company then dropped out. Being graphic designer you can design anything that you want it's so much more than just starting your own t-shirt company. You are going to be learning about type, layouts. It's more intense than programs on how to use it and learning about everything that goes into the design. Try working up classes or looking up graphic design work online that will also help you get a feel for what exactly it is.

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Misconceptions About Graphic Designer

Misconceptions About Graphic Designer
Misconceptions About Graphic Designer
  • If, I want to be a graphic designer should I need to learn code as soon as possible?
  • Did one need to take graphic design classes in college?
  • If, I don't know how to draw connect bill for a graphic design major

You have to think about it because it's scary. After all, you don't know what is to come and what it entails but you are going there to learn like you are not expected. Everyone is in the same boat of view no one knows what's going on. A few people have taken graphic design classes in high school, that's very beginning and not even that much experience.

You are going to be taking it very slowly. If, you don't know anything about graphic design but you know what's something you want to do because you love creating. Then don't even worry about it. You don't need any experience they will help you with everything. You can learn and can be best graphic designer it's totally upto you.

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Different art schools teach different things. You start with basic classes. Classes get more involved in advance as you go long. You will be taking reds in layouts, typography, package design, branding which is like logos, corporate identity, advanced illustration. Be prepared to pull a lot of auto miners even from the people outside like an oh you are going to school for graphic design it's not even hard to like that.

It's hard. For example, math is very difficult but at the end of the day, you will have one final solution. Graphic design has so many options for one thing. It takes a lot of thought if you are passionate. But projects will take a very long time. A big part of graphic design is learning to take pictures. If you are going to graphic design you need to learn what can I do to make this better that's basically what critiques are.

Don't ever take the things personally it will help you improve your work because if not it will always be the same and you cannot improve. Listen to the teachers, teachers would tell them you should change this and that. Be prepared to have some thick skin. It will make things a lot easier and you will grow so much more than a designer.

Skills and motivation

Inspiration websites like B hands and dye lines are great sites for package design. Find what inspires you and then find the supplies to do the things that inspire you.

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The best time to get an internship is when you are in school maybe like a midway, towards the end of the good times being an internship. So, to get an internship, you need a good portfolio. Don't stress about this too much while you are in school. The fundamental problems that you do are not going to end up as portfolio pieces but keep your portfolio in mind as you are doing projects because you never know later on what can turn into the portfolio.

As long as you have school projects that show your design style. It's a very good motivation to keep doing well. Also, you need a resume. It doesn't have to be superbly over design internship will make you realize what type of company you would like to work for. You would get a feel of what the work environment is like. Most of the time if they like you they will offer you a job.

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Life After College

Freelancing versus working for a big company. When you freelance you have a lot of freedom and you don't have a set schedule besides the projects you take on. It's also very hard to find clients at times if you don't know how to network well. If, you are more like to connect with people and finding work then go ahead because to be successful and have a steady income you need to be very hardworking and self-motivated. Being a graphic designer you can start your own freelancing career at the college itself.

Working with clients can be tough and sometimes unreliable. Clients can take advantage of you and not the reality of doing graphic design out in the real world. You usually work 40 hours a week. The upside is you have a steady income so if you have steady cash flow coming then you will like depending on your case that if your Company you working for is your style.

How much experience is needed?

It depends on the company and what you can provide to the company. It does help if you had an internship or some sort of experience that shows you can work with people. It helps if you have a degree. The lowest one I believe is associates but not all companies will take associate degrees. If you have a bachelor's degree you are more likely to get better pay but still you can prove how good graphic designer are you by your work.

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