9 Must-Read Books For Software Engineers

Well, today we are going to talk about the profession of the new century and the field which is booming rapidly. Many books for software engineering are available online but practical knowledge helps tremendously in this field. Yep, right we are going to talk about the software engineers, the guys who spend more time with their computer. However, as per the latest study, it has been predicted that there would be an increase of 200% in the field of software engineering jobs soon. In that case, the software engineers have a bright future waiting for them. 74% of the students nowadays prefer e-books but reading manual books will never give to the satisfaction of reading if you like reading books.

But today we are not going to talk about the success of a software engineer career, although we are going to discuss the ability to stay up to date. A software engineer needs to always stay in touch with the changing trend which is changing every second. So, that’s the hard part of the software engineer job to stay always updated and especially if you are an interviewer on an interviewee for a software engineer job, then you need to be more alert. But how?

Ever heard the old saying books are the best friends of the humans and in this case, they are the best friends of the software engineers. By reading the quality book you can keep in touch with the changing trends of the technology and so to keep you updated for the new job, we have constructed the list of few good software engineering books which you must read.

software engineering book
Must read books for software engineering 

Working Effectively With Legacy Code

Every product engineer once in their career has to face the legacy code problem and in that situation, this book can be work as a boon for you. The perfect legacy coding book written by the Michael Feathers offers thorough methodologies for working more successfully with vast, untested legacy code bases. This software engineering book will do wonders for you and is a must-read for a software engineer.

The Mythical Man-Month

The beautiful art piece was written for software engineers to learn new things. If you are a programmer and have to work with the new programming languages daily, then this book might solve numerous issues for you. So, programmers must read this book once in their lifetime.

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Configuration Patterns

software engineering book
Software engineering book

If you want to get the pro in the modeler or fashioner of a framework, you will in all likelihood be required to pursue this book. However, it is hailed as one of the best programming improvement books at any point composed, this software engineering book expounds on the various outline designs that have been delivered during the time to help programming engineers avoid and handle essential issues that the business faces.

Effective Java

Java is the dynamic programming language and every software engineer needs to get the taste of this language once in life. This book will give you the right direction to learn the effects of this new language. Java is a very developing language and it’s very good to learn this cool language by the software engineer. This software engineering book is a must-read for any software engineer.

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Test-Driven Development

Before preparing for the new job interview it is nice to get a little preparation and practice with some tests to nail in the coding programs. This software engineering book is written in a very simple language and is easy to understand.

Design Pattern

software engineering book
software engineering book

To improve your coding and learn different strategies to approach a problem can be easily learned from this easy method of the book. So, design developers must give this book a read.

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The Specialty Of Computer Programming

This is a very popular book to learn computer programing. This book is so popular that Bill Gates had himself recommended this book. “On the off chance that you believe you’re a better than average software engineer… read [Knuth’s] Art of Computer Programming… You should send me a resume on the off chance that you can read the entire thing. –Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft

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Refactoring (Martin Fowler)

It makes it easier to edit and add features to a large codebase. This is again the coding book and helps new software engineers to learn the details of the coding. The software engineer must read it before starting a new job.

Code Complete 2

A classic book that has been regularly updated. It is a very basic guide which will teach you all the fundamentals to write good code. This software engineering book will do wonders for you and is a must-read for a software engineer.

Well, these are just a few good books for software engineering available offline and online. The list of the books is very long, you can say that it is the tip of the iceberg, so don’t waste your time viewing a useless video tutorial on YouTube and gain some authentic knowledge from the experts.