Boost Productivity And Make Every Minute Of The Day Count With These Simple Hacks

A clear perspective about your life goals and aim towards bright future

Life has become super fast and each day passes away like its just a matter of a while. Although a day is of 24 hours specifically 1440 minutes to boost productivity which seems to be very little time to complete all the given work efficiently in an entire day. We know that time cannot be changed nor it can be rewind but our dreams and expectations remain constant. We have always heard that life is short and uncertain, without any guarantee or warranty. Undoubtedly you have thought about what to do in order to achieve all our dreams and boost productivity in this half ended life? Nonetheless, you might be thinking that working 18 hours a day or even more will make you valuable & worthwhile. However, this misconception will shorten your already half-used life and you will definitely feel mentally tired and irritated.

To be constructive and profitable giving up on your dreams is not the right solution. To accommodate all your dreams and boost your productivity you need to learn positioning and prioritizing. However, if you spent all your day working hard and the end result isn’t worthwhile, then all your hard work goes in vain. The conclusion determined here is that it’s not about how hard you work or how many hours you give, what counts in the end is, how you excel in the task. It’s important to make every single minute of the day get counted, rather than just doing a task and completing it. This Mantra will boost your output towards work and that’s how you will become successful and makes your dreams come true.

SWOT Analysis

Although the next question that must be rolling in your mind is, how to make every minute countable and how can we judge that what we are doing is sufficient or not. We can go little technical here, there is no science or art developed which can give you the sure shot formula of success, but we can take a formula from the nearest approximate science. The economics can be considered to evaluate human science in terms of productivity, as it provides deep insights into real-life situations and consumer behaviors. In economics, a criteria is analyzed for any new product, which is termed as SWOT analysis.

The SWOT analysis means drawing the four points of a human being or product on the basis of its Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. One needs to analyze all the four points individually before making any conclusion. So, in our case, our product is our life and how to make every minute of the day productive. By analyzing it on these four parameters will provide us the point’s that strength our life, points which make us weak, point to grasp the new opportunity and points that are a threat in our way of success, so without wasting any time lets analysis our life to make it productive.

Strength of life

In this criteria, we need to analyze all those parameters which one need to strengthen to improve the productivity of life. In lieu to make your every minute countable you need to strengthen the following :

  • Believe in yourself and your dreams, as they have the potential to destroy you and succeed you in life.
  • Have a strong vision in life and if you don’t have one, go now and make one immediately.
  • Make a mission in the life and put all your energy into achieving it.
  • Always be focused on the big picture of life and don’t let small bumps scare you.
  • Always multiply numbers to see where the impact is maximum.

Weakness of life

Everyone has a weakness in life and they always try to hide them. This is the biggest issue, one needs to face every freaking weakness of his own and find out the way to overcome them. To put control in life and make it countable, it’s important to get closure to the weak points of it.

  • Make a plan for the day and write it down for the further comparison at the end of the day.
  • To Organize your life organize your house and workplace first.
  • Take a time from your busy schedule and analyze yourself, as only you can find out the real weakness in you.
  • Always stay calm when a difficult situation comes and don’t let your insecurities lead you on.
  • At the end of the day always evaluate all the activities for that day and note down the flaws and add them in NOT TO DO LIST.

Opportunity for life

Life is an occasion of opportunities which throws new possibilities in our daily life, but we tend to not get them. So it’s about opening our eyes and grasping the right opportunity projected on our way and make it worthwhile.

  • Always seek for new opportunities in your career, don’t stick in one place due to your comfort zone.
  • New opportunity doesn’t knock on your door, it’s your attentive nature will help you to catch hold of it.
  • If don’t you find any opportunity which is not possible but then creating your own opportunity makes you smarter.

Threats of life

Well, here we are going to enlist the hurdles in the way of making our every minute countable. We can call them distractions or whatever it suits you. They are like:

  • Too much of  Social media sucks you in. Showing off your vacations, your eateries, and hangout places signify the fact that you aren’t enjoying what you are doing instead just want to influence people.
  • A wrong companion can lead you to a dark future lowering your productivity.
  • You hate routine.
  • You want to feel more accomplished.

List your SWOT in the same way as narrated above and analyze it to overcome the fallback and to boost productivity and be time efficient. These four points are the basic framework on which you should rule out your life to make it countable and coherent. Just take out this structure and map out your life to make it worthwhile according to your personal goals. However, an unexpected surprise to our readers to give you deep insights into productivity we have narrated articles on Mental Sharpness, Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs, Tips to Stay Active after work hours and many more which you can find in Tips.

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