Bry-Air and DRI take up education and environment initiatives to support the underprivileged

Bry-Air and Desiccant Rotors International (DRI); the flagship companies of Pahwa Group and the leaders in air-engineering took up initiatives linked to rainwater harvesting and providing academic support to children from weaker sections of the society.

Pahwa Group that is known for its prowess in manufacturing innovative and sustainable technologies in air treatment that help provide a safer and healthier environment, ran these initiatives ahead of the festive season.

Bry-Air along with its NGO partner, Literacy India have in the past adopted a few learning centres for the underprivileged under the Pathshala aegis.

Bry-Air Pathshalaat Dharam Colony, Gurugram is one of the few older projects being in operation since 2011. Whereas,DRI Pathshalaat Carterpuri village was taken up in 2014. Through these initiative, Bry-Air and DRI are responsible for creating a primary school environment conducive for the non-school going children and weak students where they will be given remedial classes. The Bry-Air and DRI Pathshalas aims at providing academic support to the students by-

  • Primary Education
  • Remedial Education
  • Digital Learning
DRI CSR Diwali Celebration

With the initiates coinciding with the festive season, Team Bry-Air and DRI also celebrated Diwali with the underprivileged children at these pathshalas. The theme of the celebration was plastic free Diwali and approximately 120 students participated in the event. Activities such as rangoli making, poster making, and slogan making were organized for the students.

At the Bry-Air Pathshala, Ms. Sonali Dutta, Vice President- Corporate Affairs, Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. gave away the prizes to the position holders. Whereas, Ms. Anandita Pahwa, Head -CSR Initiative, Bry-Air and DRI gave away the prizes to the position holders at the DRI Pathshala. At the end Diwali Gifts and Sweets were also distributed to all the students from both the pathshalas.

In addition to the diwali celebrations at both the pathshala, Bry-Air also inaugurated a rain-water harvesting system at Literacy India Vidhyapeeth school at Bajghera village, Gurgaon. This system was inaugurated by Ms. AnanditaPahwa,  along with Ms. Sonali Dutta  and Capt. Anil Kalia, Trustee, Literacy India.

Through the deployment of this system, the school will save approximately 4,71,662 liters of water every year.

About Pahwa Group:

The Pahwa Group is the fastest growing Adsorption Technology group in the world today.

‘With Desiccant at its core, in relation to air’, the Pahwa Group is a group of knowledge based and technology driven companies offering advanced environmental control solutions to a wide array of companies.

The Group employs a strong team of over 1500+ persons in 6 continents and has 11 manufacturing units. The Group has filed 123 patents applications worldwide on 13 new technologies, since 2007, out of which 46 patent granted/ already allowed for energy smart technologies and has set up 8 state-of-the-art test labs to give the cutting edge to our R&D and product offerings. The group companies are involved in manufacturing products like dehumidifiers, resin dryers, product dryers, gas phase filtration systems, dry rooms, energy recovery and fresh air treatment systems.

Bry-Air and DRI (Desiccant Rotors International) are the two flagship companies of the Pahwa Group.

About Bry-Air:

Bry-Air, the leader in dehumidification…worldwide, is a global solution provider for dehumidification and drying, gas phase filtration, plastics drying, conveying &mould dehumidification, high temperature waste heat recovery, dry rooms critical for lithium battery production and adsorption chillers, with subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Brazil, Nigeria and Switzerland, and an associate plant in the USA.

About DRI:

Desiccant Rotors International is a global solution provider of components, products and systems for energy recovery, IAQ, fresh air treatment, evaporative cooling, humidification, RH control and green buildings.

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