Top Low Investment Business Ideas

Low investment business ideas are trending in the present generation as more and more people are choosing to follow their dreams and start something on their own rather than work under someone else. Initially, noone has enough money to throw into in any business idea. So many people startup with investment business ideas and grow over the future. However, finalizing on one idea can be a tough task. You need to choose on the basis of your skills and resources. Therefore, we have compiled a list of Top low investment business ideas to make your tasks easier.  

Top low investment business ideas


Grocery is the most needful businesses for the selling of different goods that humans need on a daily basis. This is a profitable and no loss business as grocery is the daily basic need for all humans. You just have to invest few thousand to buy some inventory from a seller and sell it in the market. You can make purchase on every product sold. You can start from a mall grocery shop and gradually expand as per need.

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Coaching Center

Nowadays due to fierce competition, students preparing for the competitive exams need some guidance for the preparation so they join coaching centers. These coaching centers are evergreen low investment business with higher profits which help in spreading knowledge and train student to become adept in clearing competitive examinations. However you just have to make sure you have an in depth knowledge of the subject and explain the topic well to the students. Not only you need to teach maths or science, if you are a professional in sports you can start acting as a professional sports coach.

Mechanical/Electrical Works

Development of present generation technologies requires many mechanical and electrical goods. Therefore, establishment of a garage for servicing of vehicles or sale of any electrical goods finds profit in present times. Although, the business involves some amount of investment yet the profit accrued is always higher.


Consultancy firm includes agents who help people in the in getting things done. A consultancy works to reduce people’s work woes and involves zero investment with higher profits. The best example of a consultancy service is TATA in India. Legal, financial to technical the plethora of fields means it’s best to generalize this broad category for this category of business. Experience and success in your niche dictates the profitability you’re going to enjoy. Some of the popular upcoming consultancy business in India are:

Digital marketing consultancy

With more and more people coming online for the first time and who wants to rank number on google, Digital marketing consultancy is all time high.  With a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization or social media, you can easily setup a DM Consultancy Firm and help the business grow in minimum time required.

Dietary consultancy

With more and more people trying to fit and smart than ever, dietary consulting has become very important service. If you can learn food dietary and nutrition you can make good money with low investment.

Real estate agent/broker

The Cost of land keeps increasing everyday and people are unable to find one that satisfies their needs. This is where real estate agents can pitch in as helpers to search for the best deals. Being a real estate agent or broker is extremely beneficial.  You can put up tariff to find a potential buyer or looking for real estate required by prospective. It takes just communication tools and proficiency in speaking to please customers and make money.e buyers.


If you are passionate about clicking photos you can start a business of photography. This business has a wide range of possibilities so it helps in getting more profits. T All you need is a professional camera and lenses with some of the good clicking skills. You can reach break-even very fast. This business includes partnering with different companies to outsource their work. Wedding photographing is also an emerging field in India.There are a plenty of websites like Shutterstock and Fotolia where you can easily sell your photos. But remember you need good photos to get good prices.

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Tour agency

A person going on a tour doesn’t generally have an idea of where to start with. Thus, starting a business of tour agencies which includes packages for particular tourist places can serve as a great idea in getting more profit with less investment as compared to other businesses.

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Food court

Food is something that all humans need. People not only go for home foods but some of them love fast food as well. Food court is low investment idea which can helps you to earn the profit equal to the investment. Starting off a food business can become an evergreen on by maintaining the quality of the food. The taste and quality of the food defines more profit for the business. If you want to start with low investment, you can also start with mobile food service instead of food court.

Food Court Business

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Home Decorator

Home decorations which include furniture and glassware etc. should be on the top of this list. As the population increases the construction of houses also increases and interior decorators helps people to make their home different than . This decoration involves creativity and so there is no need of investing on costly items. You can always ask clients to pay for it.

Wedding planner

Wedding Planners is also one of the best idea of the list as it never goes off season. With just some of your managing skills and brains you can easily earn a lot. The best part of this business idea is that all you need to do is take, give and earn in between. However, it involves more networks for earning profits. The present generation weddings run on the hands of the planners, so this is the more profitable business with less investment.

So these were top  low investment business ideas. We promise to keep adding more ideas in this list. If you happen to know any other low investment business ideas let us know in the comments below we would love to add that to the list.

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