How to Choose the Best Logo for your Startup

Starting a business always needs a lot of work and there are many things to consider in a startup. But one thing that people usually do not pay much attention to is the logo for the startup. A logo may seem insignificant in front of a business and the tasks it accompanies. However, in reality, a great logo for a startup is as important as any other form of advertisement and investment you do to make your business successful. A great and good logo design always attracts more customers and clients. It helps in establishing a name in the market as well as a unique identity. There are many examples of great logo designs and their success in the current market and how much importance these logos hold over the product and the business.

There are some truly inspiring logos out there and some of the worst too. A logo is not just an image, but a statement that reflects the story of your startup and what it means. If you think that logo designing is an expensive and tedious task, then think again because many of the popular logos around the world have an interesting story behind their design and they are not the expensive ones. Here are some simple yet effective tips to choose the right logo for your startup.

Choose a Name for Your Business

Before you go for a logo, select a suitable name for your business. A good name is as much important as the logo for the business. But make sure that the name is captivating, easily rolls off the tongue and catchy enough to stay in memory for a long period of time. Do not go for long and hard to spell names as people often prefer names that are easy to speak.

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Glance around at a few logos

Before you go for your own logo design, look around for some of the world famous logo and the story behind their creation. A good logo and the story will inspire to do something different yet appealing while providing you an outlook. Select some that attract you the most and some that repel you the most. After selecting, find out what factor attracts and repels you.

You tend to find better results if you know what you are looking for.

Ready to tell all about your company and motive behind the startup

‘Every logo tells a story’ this is one of the truths about the logo and their effectiveness. Your logo is the identity for your business and to select the one, you need to reveal about your startup and the story behind it. Many entrepreneurs hesitate from telling about the company and the story behind it. However, the fact is, more your logo designer know about you and your company, the better logo he/she will create. So if you want a better logo than don’t hesitate from your designer and answer all the queries.

Always choose more than one designer

By choosing more than one designer you have more option to look for. Go with the designer you feel most comfortable with and understand the way they work as it is not for one day.

While choosing a designer first do background checks on each designer. And if you are satisfied with their work, select them. Do not take decisions on the basis of suggestions only.

Make sure your logo suits best on these 5 factors

There are five things your logo must satisfy. Before finalizing, these are the points to consider:

  • Memorability- People should be able to remember your logo. And it should make an immediate impact on anyone’s mind when they see it.
  • Simplicity- Make it as simple as possible. A simple logo makes it easy to remember for the people.
  • Appropriateness- The logo should not contain many characters. It should tell people what the company is about at first
  • Timelessness- It should not take long for people to understand the logo.
  • Versatility- You never know what will happen in the future. So make the logo in such a way that it relates the base industry you are into. It will not affect your company when you will launch more products in the future.

These are the five things that will decide the success of your logo. If the logo satisfies these five rules then your logo is good to go.

A logo is the reflection of your business and it should reflect your business and attract the interest of people. Ask close to 10 individuals you regard from your Eco framework what they think. Only strong and legitimate feedback will work. You will be astonished what you didn't consider or see. Go gaga for your logo. While you may get a larger part that cherishes one course, you have to live with the decision consistently.

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