How to Choose the Perfect Logo for your Startup

Starting a business needs sincere efforts in terms of time and money, not to forget a plethora of other decisive factors that need to be considered. One point that people usually don't heed to is choosing the right logo for their venture. A logo may appear insignificant when compared with the larger picture of how the business operates and what it delivers. However, a great logo for a startup is as important as any other form of advertisement—investment that is integral for the business to succeed. An appropriately designed logo never fails at attracting customers and clients. It helps in establishing a place in the market in addition to creating a unique identity. There are numerous examples of brilliantly designed logos that have helped shape products and businesses.

How to choose the best logo for your startup
Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.” —Saul Bass, American graphic designer

Logos come with all sorts of messages: inspiration, motivation, morality, etc. More than just an image, it is a statement that reflects the story and essence of a startup. If you were under the assumption that logo designing is an expensive and tedious task, then think again because many of the popular logos out there have been created for a song but the value they emanate runs into millions of dollars. Here are some simple yet effective tips to choose the right logo for your startup.

Choose the right name for your business

Before you select a logo for startup, find a suitable name for your business. A good name is as much important as the logo for the business, but make sure that the name is captivating, easily roll off the tongue and catchy enough to stay in memory for a long period of time. Figure out a word or combination of two which completely explains your company’s goals. So that, it would be easy for you to make your customers understand your product.

Do not go for long and hard spell name as people often prefers those names that are easy to speak. Business name should be kept short and concise. Try using a different translated language for your business name. It result to give you a unique in a competitive market.

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Take inspiration from existing logos

Glance around few logos

Before you go for the logo designing, dabble around for some inspiration. The brands in the image above and the story behind them should provide a good start. Vest some time in the research and rest assured, your deliberation won't go waste. Try finding out the attributes that are common to well-known logos. Then use them to your advantage by incorporating these factors in your design.

You tend to find better results if you know what you are looking for.

Exude the story and motive behind your startup

How to choose right logo for your business in the world

Every logo tells a story’, an undeniable truth that stood the test of time and continues to do so. Your logo is your business's identity and as you select one, be ready to disclose the background story behind your business. Many entrepreneurs hesitate from telling about the company's backdrop. In this case, how do you expect the designer to connect intimately with the logo he has planned? How is he going to capture the vision of the company in his art? So, if you want a better logo than don’t hesitate from sharing the necessary information from your designer and answer whatever he or she asks.

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Always choose more than one designer

How to choose right logo for your business

The more, the merrier. Always have an arsenal of designers to choose from. By choosing more than one designer, you get more breadth for the logo you've in mind. Go with the designer you feel the most comfortable with and understand the way they work as it's going to require commitment from your end.

When shortlisting graphic designers, perform a thorough check on the candidate. Consider the success rate, monetary charges, portfolios, etc. to make judgement. Don't finalize anyone solely on the basis of someone's suggestion; listen to everyone's feedback but finally go with what your gut says.

Make sure your logo targets these 5 factors

How to choose best logo for your business

There are five targets your logo must hit to be deemed a worthy one. The points to consider are:

  • Memorability: People should remember your logo. And it should leave an immediate impact on a person's mind since the first impression is generally the last.
  • Simplicity: You don't want a hard-to-decipher painting for a logo!
  • Appropriateness: The logo should relate to what the company offers.
  • Timelessness- Somewhat connected with the first point, people should be quick in understanding your logo. No one's interested in wasting more than a few seconds on interpreting your logo.
  • Versatility- A business has to scale as it becomes profitable. While the logo should relate to the product or service the company offers, there should be some room in it for further promotion in case the company decides to broaden the scope of what it sells.

These five attributes are imperative for your logo to succeed. If the logo satisfies these five rules, give it the green signal!

"Logo is the silence ambassador of your brand."
-Paul Rand, Logo Designer

A logo is the reflection of your business and gives insight to potential customers. Run behind the art of gathering feedback; get as many people as possible to review your logo. Perform a comprehensive analysis of the review you receive. You'll be astonished on realizing the innovation, creativity and rationale you were missing out on!

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