Why ConnectBud Online Learning Platform is the driving force behind India’s Edtech Revolution?

Why ConnectBud Online Learning Platform is the driving force behind India’s Edtech Revolution?

Every parent wants the best for their children, from providing the best education to seeking the best options in all matters! However, sometimes they aren't aware of the right choice they have made. It is especially noteworthy that this pandemic has drastically changed students' performance. Despite the situations their families are in, parents are not able to teach their kids homework and are unable to solve the problem proposed by their children. We eventually lose track of their academic life and end up looking for the best tuition at an affordable price for them. Simply, parents are looking for a place where real-world problems are taught by verified professors in areas such as mathematics, computer science, extracurricular activities, and other subjects. Yes, it's true, with ConnectBud, you can hire expert tutors for your kid's education from over 700 plus verified and experienced tutors from top recognized universities and corporate sectors in USA and India, thus improving their imagination and creativity in solving real-life problems.

Why is ConnectBud the best for your kids in learning high-tech skills?

There is no doubt that ConnectBud is one of the best platforms for your children to learn upcoming learning skills, including pro-level math, coding, extra-curricular activities, and the latest computer programming courses, as well as prepare them for competitive exams, which would be very beneficial in the very near future. Furthermore, you can keep a track of your kid's education 24/7 through contacting ConnectBud Support team.

Get to know New technologies in coding:

You will get to explore excellent coaching in the latest high-level programming languages such as Python, Java Script, Data Science, Vedic Math, HTML, and C++, Animation classes, cloud computing, computer networking, computer architecture, WordPress classes, AI and deep learning classes. Moreover, ConnectBud also helps you learn web Development and Game Development. Who knows, you might even be able to create apps or games after taking classes at ConnectBud.

Live 1:1 online classes:

Having your child as a part of ConnectBud has several advantages, such as an online interactive section and live 1:1 online classes for school students on the latest technologies in coding, taught by current undergraduate and graduate students (pursuing advanced degrees) and professionals from global top companies.

Learn more courses at a reasonable price:

Furthermore, ConnectBud helps learners overcome homework challenges and ace school exams by coaching them online in Math, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Sanskrit, and other new languages learning.

You can also learn music and dance, chess, and drawing online through this platform if you want your kid to learn anything aside from academics. Despite the fact that it costs literally $5 per hour to enrol in any subject, the starting price is surprisingly a real bargain.

Homework Help:

Homework is a big stress for students. Schools are loading students with homework for every vacation. And without the support of their teachers, many students find it tough to complete their homework. ConnectBud provides homework help to the students from Grade 3 to 12. Every student gets an experienced tutor's help as per their parent's requirements. You can select the number of classes you will require for help with your homework.

Summer coding camp 2022 (Live 1-on-1 Online Class)

To those kids, who are wondering what to do during this summer holidays, up to learn something fresh and interesting. Guess what? ConnectBud is offering 1-on-1 Live online maths camps and coding programming courses for kids to spend their summer vacation with a little fun. The summer camp started in April and ends in August, the kids from the age group of 8 years old and above, can enroll in two packages, which consist of 27 classes and the other a 36 classes package.

Why should you hire a tutor from ConnectBud for your kids?

  • Cost-effective: Compared to other online coding and learning platforms, ConnectBud classes start at just $5 and go up from there depending on the courses.
  • Authenticated tutors: If you are planning to hire a tutor for your kid, then ConnectBud is a good call. They are staffed with genuine and approved tutors from all over the world, especially from the US and India.
  • Qualified: ConnectBud has a good number of qualified mentors with thorough knowledge and specialized expertise in any subject. A majority of ConnectBud tutors have engineering or computer science backgrounds.
  • Devoted to the work: The tutors’ ultimate goal was to excel in the assignment and take the students’ knowledge to the next level.
  • Free demo classes: The next best thing about ConnectBud is that one can pre-book a demo class before hiring a tutor for their kid.
  • Effective: The online classes are taught by experienced tutors with appropriate resources in order to provide a warm and friendly student learning space. Plus the tutors are highly motivated and goal-oriented.

Are ConnectBud tutors knowledgeable in teaching coding?

It is important to note that tutors on ConnetBud are well educated and up-to-date in their particular subject area. Being said that, instead of assigning an all-around tutor to teach math or computer science class, ConnectBud chooses qualified mentors with thorough knowledge and specialized expertise in that subject. Currently, the tutors of ConnectBud are with a background in engineering and computer science fields. In place of humanity-major tutors teaching math and coding online classes, ConnectBud uses tutors of extreme knowledge and the right qualifications. Accordingly, the online classes are taught by suitable tutors with suitable materials for welcoming student learning.

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