Crypto's Scamming Problem: Can It Ever Be Solved, or Is It Inherent?

Crypto's Scamming Problem: Can It Ever Be Solved, or Is It Inherent?

The rising popularity of bitcoin scams marketed through social media platforms marks an alarming increase in crypto scams targeting private citizens. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these victims are unaware of the pervasive nature of crypto-asset scams. The good news is that there are agencies that help victims recover the funds they invested into these get-rich-quick money-making schemes.

Before investing in digital cryptocurrency companies, it is recommended to perform thorough research. Assess whether they are a legitimate company and if they are blockchain-powered. This ensures that all online transactions come with detailed data. Scammers operate using the same modus operandi, so becoming aware of these signs can help you dodge substantial financial losses over time.

Bogus websites

You may be following a trustworthy tip from someone with extensive expertise in cryptocurrency trading but still become a victim by unknowingly visiting a fake website. Many websites resemble original and legitimate startup companies. When you visit a website, make sure that it features a small lock icon indicating that the website is secure and trustworthy. To avoid transacting with scammers, carefully type the exact URL into your browser rather than click-through pop-up links. If you've been a victim of bogus websites, some agencies can help you refund your crypto asset. You can check out MyChargeback review and feedback online that can help you identify legitimate and fake websites.

Email crypto scams

Even emails look identical to those sent by a legitimate cryptocurrency company, so be wary before investing your hard-earned digital currency. Does the email seem precisely the same, featuring a similar logo and branding? Be sure to confirm that the email address has legitimate connections with the company. Look for a contact number to talk to an actual person to verify the legitimacy of the email you received.

If you are doubtful of an email you received, do not click, or process a transaction before confirming the integrity of the information and company. Many scammers lure unsuspecting victims by announcing fake ICOs and initial coin offerings to steal substantial funds. Take your time researching companies before committing to investing in the long run.

Pyramid schemes

Like traditional pyramid schemes, online crypto scammers will appear friendly and more than willing to share their tips with beginners. Some schemes follow a referral chain scheme that brings in people to recruit investors. Scammers persuade investors to pay in crypto to gain the right to recruit more investors into the program. They claim high rewards in cryptocurrency. The more you pay in cryptocurrency, the higher returns they promise in return.


When it comes to losses from a cryptocurrency scam, the likelihood of a successful asset recovery depends on various factors, such as the obfuscation technique used, the total amount lost, and the movement of funds to a regulated exchange. While there are companies that can handle crypto cases and successfully recover your losses, it is also recommended to seek the assistance of law enforcement agencies to file a claim or lawsuit. This will increase the chances of recovering your crypto assets.

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