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Who Am I?

A veg sindhi from Rajasthan, shifted to Delhi in July 2015,  Joined a CCNA course but got interested into startup culture to started spending time on researching about innovative companies. Landed at a edu-tech startup in gurgaon have been working with multiple startups ever since. Doing freelance web development for full time and helping startups to build products and execute the ideas.

This is what my typical day looks like

Check mails and msgs, Read startup blogs and tech blogs, talk to family, Keep your trello boards updated,  Meditate for a while and start working. Make sure before going to sleep I spend at least an hours learning something new.

Fear of delaying the launch of client's products and plannings to start executing my own venture keeps me hustling.

The Bitter experience

I have worked with some startups for full time, the main issue I faced is the delay and partial payments of employee's salary, resources and basic stuff.
Money delay is one of the major problem but not discussing about the solution and only seeking for the funding causes multiple problems resulting in procrastination.

Startups I admire Most

Dare2Compete.com, Squareboat.com and Mr Anshul Bhagi

Tools I love

Trello, Alexa, Angel list, Flock, Photoshop.

Let me share a hack for you!

Always make notes of every meeting and discussion you had. Before going for a meeting always do basic research about the person and try predicting his nature. It will help you in the long run to quickly identify people and their personalities.

What I think about future

It completely depends upon the present. In startup culture you have to plan today in order to think of tomorrow. If I am procrastinating today, tomorrow I will have a dark empty room and stomach.

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