Corporate Gift Ideas and Startup's Guide To Diwali

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Nov 2, 2020 9 min read
Corporate Gift Ideas and Startup's Guide To Diwali

Festival season creates a very joyful environment in the office. People share their plans with each other and one of the biggest festivals in India, Diwali is celebrated with great pomp and show in the country. Every company and employer wants to grab this opportunity to win the hearts of their employees by making them feel special.

Here is a guide for any new startup entrepreneur to celebrate Diwali in their office:

How should an office celebrate Diwali?

Although entrepreneurs don't like to waste their time and money on such celebrations, they should understand that a festival like Diwali is one of the biggest marketing opportunities for their company. Along with that, they can make the office culture more engaging with celebrations and get togethers.

Some of the ways you can celebrate Diwali in office are:

  • Gift for Employees: You can try to customise gifts according to your employees which can ensure that you focus on team building.
  • Gift for Clients: Clients are the important part of your business. Hence, sending customised Corporate Diwali gifts with a handwritten note from the founder can make quite an impression on the clients. Emotion is a crucial element of marketing in India. So, you need to make an emotional bond with clients by celebrating Diwali with them.
  • Discounts: No, it's not always about celebrating with your colleagues. It's also about celebrating with your clients and customers. Provide some discounts, gifts, or other benefits to your product and services. It's high time to market your brand.
  • Office Decoration: Diwali is a festival of lights, sweets, and new things. You can get some new things for the office, renovate the interiors and also decorate the building to get attraction from people.
  • Pre-Diwali Trip: You can go on a trip with all the people in your office. Employees must already be very tired of work in this high time and cleaning work at their home. Getting a good time on a trip will cheer up their mood.

Why Corporate Gifting is Important?

Corporate Gifting Ideas
Corporate Gifting

The concept of gifting to employees or clients is not only for big corporate organizations. It is to fulfill the emotional gap between the company and its people. As most of the management people stay busy all the time, there are very few moments they get a chance to appreciate their employee's efforts. To show how grateful you are to your employees and clients, you should give them non-monetary incentives. They may spend the money in one day, but the gift can last much longer.

Corporate Gifting Ideas for employees and Clients
To strengthen the relationship with clients, it is necessary that all theworkers in a corporate organization should put their effort efficiently. Thereare many gifts that are given to employee and clients to tell them you care.Customized and handmade gifts are preferred over factory made products…

Diwali Corporate Gifts for Different Professionals

Your organization must have different kinds of people who are experts in different fields. So, providing a different kinds of gifts will make it more relatable for the employees and also boost morale as this show how much you care about each employee of your office.

Gifts for Coders

Most of the coders like to work while listening to music and they also keep sticking to their computers. Some of the best gifts for coders are:

  • Laptop Bag
  • Noise canceling Headphones
  • Amazon Echo or Google Home
  • Computer Glasses
  • Smart Watch or Fitness Band
  • Subscription to online courses
  • Laptop Coolers
Festival Gifts For Employees
Festival Gifts For Employees

You can also add some complimentary gifts like laptop stickers, mousepads, laptop sleeves, flash drives, notebook, etc.

Gifts for Marketers

Marketers are mostly busy talking to clients and employees to keep clear communication between both. So, keeping in mind their busy schedule and their traveling for work, some of the best corporate Diwali gifts for employees are:

  • Bluetooth Earphones
  • Powerbank
  • Kindle
  • Smart Watch
  • Travel Bag
  • Travel mug
  • Smart Alarm Clock
  • Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard
diwali gifting ideas for corporate
A multi device Keyboard

Gifts for Artists

Some of the best Diwali gifts for artists like painters, actors, photographers, writers, video/audio editors, etc are:

  • Camera Lens
  • Camera Tripod & Gimbal
  • Painting Kit
  • Customized Headphones
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Kindle Paperwhite or App Subscription
  • Video Editing software
  • Portable Photo Printer

Gifts for Managers

Keep your managers motivated and productive by gifting them items:

  • Funny & Personalised Desk Signs
  • Business Card Case
  • Amazon Echo or Google Home
  • Classy Laptop Bag
  • Bluetooth earphones
  • Electric Pillow Massager for Car
Corporate Gift For Diwali
Corporate Gift For Diwali

Gifts for Receptionists

Receptionists play an important role in many offices. They keep sitting at their counter most of the time. So, keeping their work in mind, you can gift them the following things this Diwali

  • Customized Bobble Head
  • Bonsai Tree
  • Customized Desk Pad
  • Customized Diary
  • Funny Sticky Notes
  • Desk Organizer
Corporate Gift For Diwali
Corporate Gift For Diwali

Other Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas to Consider

Scented Candles

Corporate Gift Diwali
Corporate Gift Diwali

Electric Lamps

Festival Gifts For Employees
Festival Gifts For Employees

Wall Clocks

diwali gifting ideas for corporate
Wall Clock as Diwali Gift

Air Purifier

Diwali Gift For Workers
Diwali Gift For Workers

Natural Air Purifier

Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas

Book Set

Customized Diwali Gifts
Customized Diwali Gifts

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Gift Voucher

 Diwali Corporate Gifts
Diwali Corporate Gifts

Personalized and Customized Diwali Gifts

If you are still not satisfied and want to go more personal, then you can get these personalized and customized Diwali gifts for employees.

Personalized bottle shaped lamp

This could really be as cool as a gift. You can also personalize it with a quote or any tagline your friend loves.

corporate gift for diwali
Personalised Bottle Lamp

Personalized Diary

You can gift a personalized diary to the person who loves writing. You just need to get their picture printed on the cover of the diary with a sweet note on it.

Laptop Sleeves

Do you know any computer geek? This could be a great gift for him or her. Include a diary, pen, and some other stuff with the gift.

corporate gifting diwali
Laptop sleeves for Diwali gift

Set Of Cookies Jar

Every Indian lady love Jars. So, you can gift them with some personalized message or just their name. Don’t forget to put some candies or dry fruits in them.

 Customized Corporate Diwali Gifts
Customized Corporate Diwali Gifts

Personalized Glasses

You can make the Diwali eve a classic one. Moreover, they would really help you to overcome your fear of crackers if you know what I mean ;).

Personalised Glasses for Diwali Gift
Personalized Glasses for Diwali Gift

There are many other personalized gifts you can go for. But these were some of our pick for this Diwali.

Green Gifting

You can make Diwali and the rest of the year green by gifting indoor plants to your employees. It will also include branding and customization.

corporate gifting ideas for diwali
Plant as Diwali Gifts

Diwali Gifts You Can Order in Bulk

You might have a very large organization or lack of time. In that case, it is difficult to provide a personalized gifts for each and every individual. But your company is your other family. So you have to take care of them too. Here are some Diwali gifts for office's members that you can buy in bulk and give to them.

Bobble Head

Buy some personalized bobble heads for your team. They will really be happy to have them. And when they will look at it for the first time, they will definitely smile.

diwali gifting ideas for corporate
Bobble head for Diwali Gifts

Power Bank

Don’t just charge up your team, charge up their phones too. Power banks are the best diwali gift for employees as it doesn’t matter how many you have, you will still need all of them one day.

customized diwali gifts for employees
Powerbanks for Diwali Gifts


Just like power banks, pen drives are also collectible. They will never feel it as a burden. You can also copy some photos of office trips or any other occasion in the pen drive before giving them.

diwali gift options for employees
Pendrive for Diwali Gift

Headphones & Speakers

Who doesn’t love music? And they will be the best for relaxation after their stressful day in the office. You can decide whether to give a headphone or a speaker. There are many companies which can provide you a decent quality of music products at reasonable prices.

Best Diwali Gift For Employees
Best Diwali Gift For Employees

Smart Band

Give them a reason to be healthy. Gift them a good smart band. If you buy smart bands in bulk from a dealer, you can get a very good discount on it.

Festival Gifts For Employees
Festival Gifts For Employees

Car Perfumes

If most of your employees drive a car, then giving them a car perfume is a good idea.


A collection of watches is never too big. So, the more watches a person has, the lesser it seems. Hence, gifting good quality watches with a classy look for both ladies and gentlemen.

Watches for Diwali Gifts

Promotional Items

Providing productive promotional items to your employees is not bad. It brings them even closer to the organization. Hence, you can buy promotional items like

  • Pen
  • Mousepads
  • Diaries
  • Calendars
  • Keychains
  • Clocks
  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Glass Diaries
  • Laptop Skins

There are many other items you can include in your package.

Greeting Card

Don’t just greet them in the message of Happy Diwali, but let them know how valuable they are to the company. You can also include some memorable office moments. And don’t include the company’s logo on the card, if you do so, it will not touch their hearts.

Greeting Cards fro Diwali
Greeting Cards for Diwali

Sweets & Namkeen

Diwali is not Diwali when there are no sweets and namkeen. Give some good quality namkeen and sweets with some dry fruits. If you like this post, then you can send some to me also ☺.

Sweets & Namkeen for Diwali

Please include at least 4 items to give to your employees. They work their butts off in your office, it's worth making happy at least on Diwali. Make a pack of all those gifts and give them personally if you have a small or medium team. If you have more than 100 employees working under you, then go and meet them before Diwali.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. Many schools, community groups, and business organizations get involved in celebrating the festival. We are celebrating Diwali in our office by giving some customized gifts to all the employees. This included interesting activities like Rangoli making, ethnic day, and special lunch. We have designed customized chocolates from zestchocolate. Diwali celebration in the office goes a long way in building team spirit as people from all the departments actively participate and they are able to network and get to know more about the company. The celebration provides a stronger connection between the workplace and enhances their experience as valued employees while depicting the richness of Indian culture with business culture. - Sugandha, Founder of Docttocare
Docttocare founder, Sugandha with gifts for her employees
Docttocare founder, Sugandha with gifts for her employees

Wish you a very Happy Diwali from all the team members of StartupTalky!

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