The Golden Marketing Method: Drip Marketing | Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

Parnas Ghosh Parnas Ghosh
Nov 08, 2019 6 min read
The Golden Marketing Method: Drip Marketing | Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

Ever felt like some brands have hacked your mind and persuaded you to buy their products? That is what called drip marketing. Promoting the product again and again with as many medium to the customer unless they buy the product. Drip marketing is one of the most important skills to have if one owns an online business.

According to a survey, 75% of marketers use at least one type of marketing automation tools and 67% of marketing leaders currently use a marketing platform to automate their workflow.You can increase the sales with this technique but only if you do it right. It is possible that you piss off your customers and they decide not to even visit your website ever again. Thus, you have to do it right. This article will help you to know more about drip marketing.

What Is Drip Marketing?
Medium Of Drip marketing
How To Target Customer
Benefits Of Drip Marketing
Is Drip Marketing For You?

What Is Drip Marketing?

Drip Marketing
Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is a strategy to generate a lead by reminding the customer about your product. In other words, it is a plan of communicating information with a steady stream of the marketing message. Drip marketing mostly uses online resources like emails, social media, phone calls, etc. some offline streams of communication are postcards, brochures, and printed newsletters.

Nowadays, drip marketing is mostly automated. If people see something again and again, they will eventually respond to the marketing messages after some time. Drip marketing helps to convert a prospect into a customer. It is a convenient way to generate leads and then maybe converting those leads into potential customers if the strategy hits the right note with the users.

Trivia- The term "Drip Marketing" is derived from the process of irrigation. In the process, the company nurtures a smooth relationships with the user by nurturing them with information gradually.

Medium Of Drip Marketing

Medium of Drip Marketing
Medium of Drip Marketing
  • Email: The cheapest and the most efficient medium of drip marketing. It targets plenty of customers at one time by sending the mails simultaneously to many people at one time. Every company has email lists nowadays and using drip marketing on those emails may convert those people into your customers.
    Emails are the most used medium for Drip marketing.
  • Direct mail: This Β is more money-oriented process where the content is generally generated in print and sent to people by postal mail. It includes brochures, weekly pamphlets, booklets etc.
  • Social media: This is the new approach to the drip marketing .As the methods of drip marketing is applicable here , these mode is used by people nowadays to spread the content to keep people upgraded.
    The other names of Drip Marketing are Drip campaigns, life cycle mails , marketing automation, auto-response campaign etc.

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How To Target Customer

Target Customer
Target Customer

However, there are many companies which can do this for you, but if the business can't afford their service then there are many other ways to target the customers. One of the easiest and efficient ways is to conduct a survey on the website or send emails about it. The brand can then shortlist according to their needs.

Freelancers are also there who can be hired to do the job of conducting survey and generating the results for the company. Furthermore, if you deal in general products like clothes, dairy products, etc. then you don’t need a very deep market research. It is because they are so general that everyone needs them, that is why it is important to come up with the strategies that are unique from your competitor. Because everyone wants them, the number of companies that are producing those kind of products are also large.

Hence, you have to do a research on your own company and decide what method you need to grab the market.

Benefits Of Drip Marketing

  • Drip Campaigns Don't Overwhelm The Audience
    Your audience will not be overwhelmed with the number of mails or posts you are going to put out there in the initial phase because of gradual exposure. If a Newsletter or a post has too much information about something then it maybe difficult for them to identify what are the important points, but in drip campaigns this is done in phases so it becomes very easy for your audience to grasp everything.

    This way the people who will be genuinely interested in your campaign might get converted as your customers.
  • Automated
    You can schedule emails, posts, etc. on a repeat basis, which reduce headache of continuously creating the emails . You don’t have to worry about remembering about it. It may be possible that if you don't automate the process then you might miss sending it or posting it sometime, but because of automation, or scheduling it become so much easier.
  • Relevant
    Drip marketing targets potential customers only. There is a very strong possibility that the targeted customer will buy the product. It is because of the fact that the customer is targeted according to the data. Make it personalized to make it even more effective, use the search records or other data to send the person offers and advertisements of product they might be interested in.
  • Saves Time
    As the whole process is automated, one doesn't have to consume more hours to do drip marketing. This saves a lot of time and helps the business to stay productive. If you do all the task manually without making it automatic it will take it a lot of time.
  • Fewer Efforts
    You don't have to write emails again and again. All has to be done is to create an email and automate it to send them. There can be specific email generated for the specific products only. It increases the conversion rate of the website. The more you stay in touch with your potential customer, the more conversion rate you will get.
  • Constant Information About The Product Delivery Β 
    Drip campaigns don't just spread information about their product but they also provides tracking information of the products that have been ordered by the viewers. This makes it easy for the customers to keep with their orders and to know about their shipments.
  • Increases the Growth Prospects of Business
    Once you established a good relationship and trust in your customer’s mind, they will see you as an expert in your industry. It may take time, but will be totally worth it as people will start recommending your business in their circle.

Is Drip Marketing For You?

Drip marketing is a very common concept nowadays. Even physical stores use it to increase sales. It is a great marketing strategy. However, it also depends on the kind of business one owns, if it is a small general store on a street, then the owner will have to go online first. Create a website or an app and provide home delivery. This will help them in connecting with the customers digitally. After doing all this they are all set for drip marketing.

Nowadays, the most efficient medium of drip marketing is email. So, don’t focus on physical methods like postcards, etc. If you own an online store, then what are you waiting for? Go find some suitable service and start a drip marketing campaign now.

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Drip marketing is all about psychology of the people. Actually, the whole business industry revolves around psychology. You have to figure the ways by which you can persuade your customers to buy your product. Drip marketing will not work unless you know a thing or two about email marketing.

Hence, before starting a drip marketing campaign, you need to do research on all the possible factors and areas which can be relevant to your business. Or just hire someone or take service from another company, as they will be much more experienced in this industry.

It will be a good investment for your business. Drip marketing is being used from a long time but new ways and innovations are still being introduced, so keep looking for new methods and improve your strategies.

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