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We all dream of becoming a millionaire.  However earning money online is not so easy. We need to hard work and sacrifice our dreams if we are in any brick and mortar business. However, the internet and automation have made our life simpler.  Now you can start up a business and run it even when you are sleeping or travelling. There are so many online opportunities that one can do with a lot of flexibility and security and earn money online free. The best thing is most of these online jobs do not require so much investment except internet and a computer. If you want to walk shoulder high financially, here are the simple ways to earn money online free:

9 Tips to Earn Money Online Free

Sell your professionalism

Online jobs are about interacting with people you don’t know and to some extent; you will never meet them anywhere face to face. Work towards standing out because it is very competitive. When submitting your resume for a given work, ensure to use the cases well. Don’t mix small letters and capital letters. This will portray who you are in the resume. Double check everything before sending out a document. Use grammar professionally. It is very irritating to find wrong spelling in a document. It is very first step to earn money online free

Work with seriousness

Remember, an online job is working with people under a trust. There is no one to supervise you or to pressurise you. You need to maintain a high discipline in your work ethics as competition still remains higher compared to local jobs.

Develop a blog

It is one of the best ways to Earn Money Online Free. A blog creates a platform where you can share your opinions and experiences on a given topic. It is very essential for your business. Content here should be of quality and discipline is recommended. Blogging makes you visible and creates interest for people to read about the product. A blog can be used in advertising a product, selling ideas, registering for membership and also a promotion of products can be done here. You can offer services like part-time coaching.

Develop a website

It is a fact that websites play a key role in advertising.  There are some websites that once you develop, you are assured of cash in your pocket. These include websites for carrying surveys and shopping online.

Freelance Writing

Online writing is considered as one of the most effective and popular ways of Earn Money Online Free. Making of money is dependent on the number of articles that you write per day. Money does come out of blues but it involves a process. Building of your portfolio and resume is required. Create a link or portfolio online. Registering can be done using the following websites; freelancer and I writer.

Stuff selling

There is a lot of competition in online marketing. Many have the ideas but they don’t have a clue on how to start. Create a PayPal account for financial transactions. Be honest with what you are selling, build your name by doing quality business and obvious reviews will be positive. You can sell your service either through Amazon, Facebook and eBay.

Identify your niche

It is very important to identify the area you are good at and will help you earn more cash. It does not mean you have to be an expert at the start. Bear in mind that, what you are doing should add value. This is the only way to get hold of your target audience.

Give what customers can consume

Making money online will require you to post some samples. It is good to send many samples to customers to have an idea. At the same time, don’t overwhelm them with too much information that will confuse them. Be simple and clear.

Develop an App 

Developing an app requires a lot of skills and high investment. The big deal here is coming up with an idea that can sell then you can hire somebody do develop for you if you don’t have enough skills. Apps help in serving customers well by providing relevant data. Achievements can be tracked, connection with customers is made easy and customer’s interaction is promoted.


Online writing requires that you build on your writing skills for you to make good cash. The disadvantage of this is that you lock yourself at home making which is an easy way to lose contact socially.

These are the ways to Earn Money Online Free- Choose wisely

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