Ecosac Bags - Reusable, Recyclable and Stylish Bags for Everyday Needs

Chayanika Goswami Chayanika Goswami
May 21, 2019 7 min read
Ecosac Bags - Reusable, Recyclable and Stylish Bags for Everyday Needs

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Plastic has become an indispensable part of any common Indian’s daily life. From plastic shopping bags to cola bottles, to the single-use plastic cups, plates etc, we have been using plenty of plastic. According to a September 2017 report by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), which extrapolated data from 60 major cities, the country generates around 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste a day. Little did we realize that this wonder material, that we use for our convenience can be so harmful to our ecosystem. However, thankfully, now awareness has begun to grow about the dangerous side effects of plastic. With it, people are looking for more viable alternatives to plastic. Ecosac, a Mumbai based startup is taking a step forward to reduce the use of plastic.

Startup Name Ecosac
Headquarter Mumbai
Founder Anil Chowta
Sector Eco-friendly bags
Founded 2016
Parent Organization Pinnacle Innovatory Services Pvt Ltd

About Ecosac
Resubale Bag Market
Founders of Ecosac and Team
Ecosac - Name and Logo
How was Ecosac Started
Ecosac - Launching Startup
What is Ecosac
Ecosac - Business Model and How it works
Ecosac - User Acquisition
Ecosac - Funding and Investors
Ecosac - Startup Challenges
Ecosac - Growth

About Ecosac

Ecosac is a Mumbai based startup founded in the year 2016. This startup has come up with economical, eco-friendly and reusable utility bags that can easily replace the plastic bags. All bags are made out of colorful and durable fabric, perfect for the day-to-day requirements of a household. Our focus is to make bags which are fashionable and affordable besides eco-friendly.

Reusable Bag Market

A study on 'Reusable Shopping Bag market' has shown that the global reusable shopping bag market stands at 6020 million US$ in  2018. It is expected to reach 10100 million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 6.6% during 2019-2025.

With many state governments  in India waking up from its slumber on the menace of Plastic many of the states in India have banned or propose to ban the use of single time uses Plastic Shopping Bags, This opens up a huge opportunity for reusable bags.

Every person requires a bag and in a large country like India with 1.3 billion population even if we consider only 1% of this population the numbers are mind-boggling and we have not even scratched the surface. We are still talking about India, many nations across the world are also grappling with this problem and are looking at alternatives, This opens an entirely different growth dimension.We envisage growing to a 500 crore company within the next 5 years.  

Founders of Ecosac and Team

Anil Chowta is the Founder and CEO of Ecosac.

Anil Chowta, an engineering graduate by education, has worked with companies like Josts Engineering and Falcon Electro-tek Pvt. Ltd. prior to founding Ecosac. He is also the founder director of United Three Endeavors Pvt.Ltd.

G.Saisudershan is the director of Ecosac. He is a Post Graduate with more than 25+ years of vast experience in Global Sourcing, Procurement, International Trade and Retail across diverse companies right from Engineering to retail.

There was no convincing that was required  to make Mr Saisudershan join Ecosac. It was more of - is there any way that we can work together and make this really big.  This is how the relationship started with Mr.G.Saisudershan. It is a really very simple division of labor both of us make up for each other and are the face of the company.

Ecosac has a very small team where responsibilities are divided. The tean works in an open work environment. Ecosac also outsources job if and when required.

Mr.B.S.Nagesh– Founder Trrain with Mr Anil Chowta and Mr G.Saisudershan

The name perfectly matches the product. Eco being eco-friendly and sac means a bag. Hence, the name Ecosac.

Ecosac Logo

How was Ecosac Started

The repulsive images of land and marine life suffocating on account of plastic in the oceans and on land left a compelling impression on Anil.  He identified the single largest culprit as single-use plastic shopping bags and determined to make a change. Thus, the idea of Ecosac came into being. After many trials and tribulations, Anil identified a fabric that was not only durable and washable but also convenient and one that can be REUSED over 3 to 5 years of time. Ecosac was launched in Mumbai in 2016. With a vision to reduce carbon imprint and help conserve the environment by preventing the use of plastic is what set the ball rolling 5 years ago.

After some success and failures becoming a philosopher is easy. But the determination to conserve was stronger and that kept motivation and focus high.

Ecosac - Launching Startup

Ecosac was launched in Mumbai. Initially, the Ecosac team tested the marketed by requesting some of the retailers to keep a dispenser of 36 bags comprising of 3 sizes. The return to the retailer is 30% on the MRP. Within no time the retailers ran out of stock and reordered for replenishments.

The positive response that we received from the retailers in the initial stage, gave us the confidence and impetus to spread throughout the city and thereafter in the region and country. The best way to connect and understand the consumer is by being on the field and talking to retailers and to consumers,  Understanding their pain points and offering a solution and also obtaining their feedback in order to improve our offering. This is exactly what we did.

What is Ecosac

Ecosac started as a one product company today boasts of 40 products across various categories. Besides, the shopping bag, they have a wide variety of bags like canvas tote bags, drawstring bags, garment packing bags, laundry bag, shoe bag, tiffin bag, yoga-mat packing bags, duffle bag, gym bag, backpacks, etc.

Ecosac bags are washable, durable and conveniently foldable. These bags can be reused over multiple times over a long period and one can that can be recycled at the end of its life cycle. Ecosac Shopping bags can carry a weight of up to 15 kgs. It is foldable into a size of handkerchief making it a perfect solution to counter the menace of single-use plastic shopping bags.

Government of Maharashtra banned the use of Single-Use Plastic bag but did not offer any solution and that is exactly where we came in. The ECOSAC shopping bag as we see today is a result of many trials and tribulations as we did not want to compromise on the strength of the bag or its quality at the same time offering convenience to a customer.
Ecosac Bags

Ecosac - Business Model and How it works

EcoSac sells its products either under its label or customized for brands in the modern trade. The company has established a network of distributors for general trade. Ecosac also sells products through e-commerce, its own website as well as aggregators. The price of the bags ranges from Rs.69 to Rs.99 depending upon the size.

Ecosac - User Acquisition

Ecosac reaches its customers both offline through distributors and online through its own site, and other e-commerce sites.

One of the ad campaigns that worked remarkably well for Ecosac was “37forecosac”.  When the Maharashtra government banned the use of single-use plastic shopping bags Ecosac initiated this campaign called “37forecosac”.  The campaign was started on world environment day and ended on World Pollution day. The gap between both the days was 37 hence “37forecosac”.  The government arranged to pick up 10 Kgs and above plastic from societies or institutions.  This left individuals at a lurch. Ecosac identified this issue and the campaign “37forecosac” was launched to help the households which were looking ways of disposing the plastic bags.

We realized that individual households did not have more than 3 to 5 kgs of Plastic bags and there was no way they could discard. Against 37 or more Plastic Shopping bags, an individual received an Ecosac Bag free. We ran the campaign on social media and were astounded by the deluge of individuals wanting to discard their Plastic waste. We tied up with a courier company to help us with the logistics.

The campaign was a hit and Ecosac had to extend the programme. A campaign planned for 37 days finally ended in 60 days. Ecosac collected almost 8000 Kgs of plastic shopping bags. The company organized for the transport of these shopping bags to Pune where all this plastic was converted in Polyfuel with 0 Carbon emission.  Ecosac also received a certificate of appreciation for this effort.

Ecosac - Funding and Investors

Ecosac is a bootstrapped startup.

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Ecosac - Startup Challenges

According to Anil a major challenge in any business is that things do not always go per plan. So he always goes for flexible plans.

If our plans are rigid it is the end however if the plan is flexible corrective actions can be initiated and this is precisely what we have believed as founders and have inculcated this into quality in our team too.

Ecosac - Growth

Currently, Ecosacs operations are limited to West of India through the general trade distribution.  However, Ecosac manufactured bags are available throughout India through modern trade outlets. Ecosac has clocked a turnover of around 9 Cr in the year 2018-2019. The company is working to create a robust distribution channel for its products to reach more customers. The company foresees to establish itself as ‘The Bag of India’ in years to come.

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