Employee with bad Attitude, How to fire them : Termination Guidelines

Employee with Bad attitude

Losing a job as an employee is traumatizing. It is a difficult task to an employer to declare to someone the payroll is taken away. This has a lot of effect in people’s career and lower self- esteem. It is also considered as a loss of livelihood.In a workplace, people bond in such a way that when one of the team members goes, it affects the rest. How you handle the situation, how you fire an employee with bad attitude from your company determines how people will judge you as the boss. It brings job security issue among other employees. As the boss, you don’t just enter into a working space, and make a shout to someone that you are fired. This is illegal, unprofessional and is against work ethics. Before terminating somebody’s salary, assess employees performance challenges, warn and document justification.
The following are some of the basic procedures that can be used to  fire an employee with bad attitude from your company: Termination Guidelines

Understand employer’s rights

Most employers ignore or think they are playing safe by not issuing employment contract to employees. In this case, employment is considered as at-will terms (oral contract). Employers take this to their advantage and fire Employee with bad attitude anyhow. Sometimes they fire with reasons and a time with no apparent reason. Employees in such a case are at liberty to leave the company anytime.
An employment contract provides job security to employees and stipulates clearly grounds for
termination of services. An oral contract is based on the cause: dishonesty, position declared
redundant, poor performance and insubordination.

Define clear expectations

When getting an employee on board, set the clear groundwork. Write down expectations right from the beginning. Job description highlights the tasks and might change based on the emerging needs of the organization. Pin Set policies and guidelines somewhere on how specific tasks should be done. You can easily tell when a certain rule has been broken. Where possible, document and let employees append signatures for adherence. Employers can terminate
services based on this.

Publish set discipline policies

Policies on progressive discipline should be set. Bosses should enforce and emphasize on this. Court expects you to abide by them. Employees raise complaints that employers have violated their rights. This will keep employees safe from such allegations. Policies will help you to tell where there is a problem that needs attention. Employers have a right to terminate the contract as a result of Gross misconduct or poor performance.

Take charge of constructive discharge

Claims about constructive discharge can be as a result of salary reduction, demotion, termination threats and agreed transfers. Employees may raise claims about poor working conditions and situation forced them to quit the job. Employers should be equipped with federal employment laws so they will not be accused of poor working conditions.

Organize for a termination meeting

After evaluating all the reasons why an  Employee with bad attitude should be fired, documented the right information to support the action. When it reaches time to disclose this to an employee, be etiquette so they may leave in peace and dignity. This prevents employees from returning with a lawsuit. Respond to any query an employee might have. Summarize the employee documented grounds for terminating and don’t generalize. Give the employee chance also to
express them.

Conduct exit interview

It is not a waste of time employers to conduct an exit interview. Feedbacks are important as they give you an overview and highlight areas that need improvement and necessary measures to be taken. Let the Employee with bad attitude fill in the interview exit form that will act as a reference. If addressed seriously, can create a better working place for other employees.


The labour laws protect employees from any form of abuse in the working environment. Traumatization and depression can occur as a result of termination. Therefore, termination process should be conducted in a careful and transparent manner after the serious discussion with the employee and taking necessary measures.

These are the termination guidelines for how to fire Employee with bad attitude. Hope you have

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