Facebook Launches Yet Another Application, CatchUp

Yash Gupta Yash Gupta
May 27, 2020 3 min read
Facebook Launches Yet Another Application, CatchUp

The social media giant, Facebook is trying all the possible things to make their potential, regular users happy with their new integration in their platforms and also trying to bring many new customers on their platform. This time, the social media giant has launched, a audio-only platform which will give you the facility of only calling and nothing else not even video calling. The name given to this platform is CatchUp. Let us see the complete report on the topic; Facebook launches yet another application, CatchUp.

Key aspects of CatchUp app

Facebook Catchup

The platform is developed by the company’s Internal R&D group, New Product Experimentation team and NPE Team, after doing research in the market and the products of their competitors. At present, the platform is available for US only where, the users can connect with their friends and family members and can have a phone calls or even set up group calls with up to 8 people maximum at the present moment of time.

USP of CatchUp app

The USP of CatchUp is the audio-only voice calls and not even the video calls. The executives of Facebook explains that the main intentions of making such a platform for their users is that although the phone calls have decreased to a greater extend but now also, people like to have phone calls and this can be proved with the fact that, whenever people talk to their friends, family or relatives, they talk with them for the long hours without looking even for the time. Facebook also added the point that while video chats are trending at the present moment of time and are on the rise, the phone calls are more convenient for all the users due to many factors like all of us are not always ready for the video-call. Β  They also added that we are not even go for the multi-tasking option while sitting in front of a screen and talking with someone.

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Working of CatchUp app

All the users who are connected with each other and who will be having CatchUp will be able to get the notification whenever any friend user is free. In other words, the platform will flag the notification, whenever the user is free or available and present on the platform. In this way, any user can connect to his/her connections whenever he/she is free and ready to talk. One of the change made by Facebook is that, CatchUp will not be requiring the Facebook account to use this service as this platform will be using your phone’s contacts Β list and so, will be able to verify people easily.

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Similar platforms to CatchUp app

CatchUp is not only such platform working with this service whereas it seems like CatchUp is just trying to work similar to Houseparty app. The working of CatchUp app is similar to Houseparty’s app where you are able to get notifications and can easily check that who are live. The connection to which the user has send the notification will be able to see the notification in the form of flag in the app itself. In the same way, the CatchUp shows users the notification, which comes in the form i.e. β€œReady to Talk” on the homescreen of the platform. Not only this, you can even set a status whenever the user is available to talk on the CatchUp platform.

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