Google to terminate Inbox by March 2019

Google has announced to shut down its ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app by March next year. So the users will have until March to switch over to Gmail.  Google released a Support Guide so that users of Inbox can make the transition to Gmail. The development emerges soon after the search giant rolled out a refurbished design for Gmail from June this year.

Inbox by Gmail was an app created in October of 2014. Google described it is a completely different type of customizable inbox, designed to focus on what truly matters. The engineers behind it said it was designed for the problems of the next 10 years.  The experimental email app lived alongside Gmail for the past four years and is going to shut down this coming March. The search giant will now focus on Gmail for all the emails.

Inbox had an interesting user interface, not like mundane databases. It made things easier for the users by segregating emails into categories which gave it neat appearance. But it did have its drawbacks when Google Chrome, Firefox or users of other browsers had difficulty in viewing their emails. In 2015, what was hailed to speed up, the feature of predicted replies was merely suggesting short answers that anyone would type in a matter of seconds.

In the subsequent years, Google has unveiled a number of features in the Gmail like Inline action buttons that pop up on message in the inbox to give the user a quick access to the frequently used actions; Snooze messages option reminds the user to respond the message conveniently; Clickable attachments lets the user open the files without opening the message; Inbuilt smart reply, the very recent one being the undo feature which lets the user recall sent emails etc.
Inbox was built to simplify emails, where it did the pretty decent job along with a few hiccups.
It’s interesting to note that Google has dedicated most of its attention on the desktop version of Gmail with a very few updates in its mobile version.

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