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Today, we have Ar. Himani Ahuja as our interviewee. Himani is an Architect and the cofounder of One Digital which is a Delhi based PR company. You will learn a lot about PR and Architectural field from this interview.

Rather than designing buildings, how with One Digital you are able to contribute and fit in the community of architecture?

Since Architecture is an Art which has its own limitations of marketing, One Digital aims to make a world of its own through strategies targeting Profile Building of a firm, aiding them to stand out from the crowd and be known. Being the Founder of One Digital, India’s top 360 degrees Architectural Communications and PR firm, and leading a team with holistic design background, our focus is on the built environment – practitioners, designers, clients, brands and the wider community – contributing to celebrate and acknowledge their visions with brand stories, sharing it with the world through web design, print, and digital publications, award strategy and speaker events. Through One Digital, we aim to push due recognition and exposure to architecture and interior marvels.

What are the challenges that you have come across in your journey as a successful woman entrepreneur?

The crucial standpoint behind the lack of professionals opting for this stream is primarily the dearth of proper understanding about the pursuit. Architectural communications and journalism involve the genesis of pathbreaking brand elevation ideas that would create relevant content for the naïve and the experts. It incorporates a plethoric exchange of architectural viewpoints with designers and design brands across the country and the globe, to widen the boundaries of traditional patterns. For example, often the lack of a relatable project presentation is the core reason for insufficient recognition. Communications play a crucial role in establishing a well-designed project on a global scale. The inception of this learning if not initiated at the early stages of architectural learning, is not easy to grasp and implement.

Himani Ahuja

Also, as a male dominated business model, what are the other problems you face especially in a country like India?

The dawn of globalization has opened up great avenues for business models and they are no longer perceived as male or female dominated. Today, emphasis is given to what an individual has to offer and how his/her ideas contribute to the bigger picture without any focus on the gender. Good communication is the prerequisite of PR and women are quite diligent and confident in this domain. One digital’s core team comprises of women in a significant number who strengthen and play a key role in the execution of all the strategies.  

While dealing with client’s what approach do you follow specifically in the field of architecture?

The panoramic field of architecture has numerous divergent maneuvers beyond designing livable spaces and implementation of structures. The art of communications along with requisite documentation skills, plays a key role in convincing potential clients as well as discover the wider perspectives of this field. Our fundamental approach has always been brand elevation and we live by the ethos of delivering as promised. The quality of service assessment involves controlling and managing resources by setting priorities for the clients and projects on the system. Swearing by our values we have successfully established an elite clientele over the years like Bulthaup, SubZero Wolf, Liebherr, Hacker, Wurfel Kuche, Featherlite, Arttdinox, House of RARO, Maison Du Luxe, Featherlite, Sunon and many more. It would be worthwhile to mention that our clients into Architecture and Design include – Chromed Design Studio, AND Studio, Aum Architects, Urban Zen, Adda Architects, UB Designs, Studio KIA, ivpartners, DesignEx, Designers Group, Creative Group and so on.

How do you achieve a balance between work-life?

When you love what you do, an equilibrium automatically sets in and there is no looking back once you’ve attained it. Making a to do list helps prioritize the work at hand and as a consequence, efficiency increases and saves a lot of time. Setting work hours and sticking to them, taking out time to indulge in fun activities every once in a while, often helps a lot in achieving the quintessential balance between work-life.

How architectural journalism strives to create a sustainable – growth model?

As opposed to the generic thought procedure, this arena of action provides architects with a steady growth of sustainability and an augmented vision of architecture as a malleable profession. To a large extent, architectural journalism affects the way infrastructure of a society develops, because architecture is less about the design of buildings and more about a steady increment in the quality of public life provided as it’s information for the people and by the people.

What would you advice to aspiring youngsters who want to pursue architectural communications and PR?

Firstly, the ones who aspire to succeed in Architecture Communications should dig deep into the subject and know its nuances. Contrary to popular belief, PR is not an easy way out as it requires a lot of research and a very deep creative angle. Presentation, content, graphics and aesthetical aspect needs special effort and skill. Having said that it is important to dream big and always be passionate about achieving your goals. The trodden pathways of this influential sphere aid in new idea generation and galvanize the thoughts of upcoming architects. I would recommend youngsters to divulge deep into this field and learn all the aspects possible while creating new avenues for themselves.

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