How Your Love for Cricket Can Help You Win Money

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Feb 6, 2020 2 min read
How Your Love for Cricket Can Help You Win Money

Cricket is the first love for most Indians. As soon as a cricket series or tournament is announced, lots of speculations and discussions start around team selection. Though we are fond of every format of cricket such as One Day International (ODI) matches, Test matches and T20s, with the T20 format, cricket fans have gone even crazier. We are ready to reschedule our day-to-day activities according to the schedule of the cricket matches of the Indian team, and the craziness is just a level above when we have a match against strong opponents like Australia, England, Pakistan, or New Zealand.

Now, we have Fantasy Cricket websites to which allow us to play matches virtually. These websites not only help us to be updated on the ongoing cricket series but also allow us to participate in the game doubling the fun and offering an opportunity to win some money.

Players make runs, you make money: There are various offers that these fantasy Cricket websites give users. You just have to be updated on the performance of the players. Once you choose a contest and decide on the players and captain and the vice captain, you can enjoy the game by following live the score.

Be Ready before the Team: Enthusiastic cricket fans keep a track of the match right from the toss to players’ interviews during the presentation ceremony so that they come to know about the strengths, weaknesses and star performances during the match. So, on the day of the match you have to be ready with your team in mind, be it a captain, a vice-captain or other playing members.

Additionally, being aware of the players’ fitness is of extreme importance as you know a player with a good average and bad fitness can cost you big time. So, try to observe and learn how the Indian captain experiments with the players. These updates and observations help you create your own best fantasy team and win real cash.

Play on a Secure Platform: Once you have made your mind to play fantasy cricket, you can choose from among the various websites available. However, play on a certifies and secure platform like Howzat. These websites have different offers and point systems for you to enjoy the game. So, sign up with the basic details and enjoy gaming. Do not worry about other things such as how points are calculated as that is done automatically by the app/website.


Though fantasy cricket websites are safe to use, if you want to play on your mobile anytime, you can download a fantasy cricket app of your choice and enjoy playing fantasy cricket. You need to have a stable internet connection so that you don’t miss the thrill. With each innings of the game, make changes if you are allowed to do so. With practice, you can become a pro at playing fantasy games and win real cash.

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