Entrepreneurs Master Financial Intelligence at iB Hubs Startup School

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Jun 08, 2019 2 min read
Entrepreneurs Master Financial Intelligence at iB Hubs Startup School

iB Hubs Startup School, a 4-week zero-fee & zero-equity student acceleration program is running into its 3rd week in full vigour. The first cohort of iB Hubs Startup School '19 started on 13th May in Hyderabad. While the student entrepreneurs focused on customer centricity in the first week, they dived deeper into the concepts of Finance and Business Model Innovation after that.

The entrepreneurs explored the essential skills of financial intelligence to understand and take wise decisions for building their startup books. Startups learnt the fundamentals of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, different ratios, best practices for building a financially intelligent company, etc.

Bamboo House Co-Founder Prashant Lingam interacting with participants

This learning was deeply enhanced by expert talks from seasoned entrepreneurs. Mr. Satish Kataria, Founder at Catapooolt, a crowdfunding platform detailed the students on crowdfunding. The students also gained rich insights on the life of a serial entrepreneur from Mr. Prashant Lingam, co-founder of Bamboo House India. The entrepreneurs were greatly inspired by the talk from Ms. Meghana Dabbara, founder of Make The World Wonderful, on her vision and the steps they are taking towards building a harmonious culture in the society.  

Participants with Bamboo House India co-founder Prashant Lingam

The entrepreneurs learnt about Business Models Innovation. They understood the different business models and their forms of innovation with case studies on new business models that have emerged in the recent times. They also explored some of the best project management tools to help them manage work effectively.

Kritika Singh from Startup India explained how initiatives from the Government of India act as a bridge between startups and other prominent players in the startup ecosystem and how entrepreneurs can avail different benefits of Startup India.

Bamboo House Co-Founder Prashant Lingam with AVP startup relations Avinash

An unexpected off-beat session was conducted where the students got to experience the immersive iB Cricket. The student entrepreneurs formed teams and played a cricket tournament in virtual reality. The session gave them hands-on lessons on the importance of team building and leadership.

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