IIT-BHU Denies “Adarsh-Bahu” Course

Several reports over the past couple of days suggested that IIT-BHU has offered a course on how to become an “Adarsh bahu”. Turns out there was a huge misunderstanding. IIT-BHU denies Adarsh Bahu course in an official statement stating that no such course is not being offered by the Institute. The officials further added that the three-month-long course offered by the startup Young Skilled India was to train women to enhance their knowledge and skills and to boost their confidence for the job market.

Neeraj Srivastava, CEO of Young Skilled India, incubated at the Malviya Centre of Innovation, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship situated inside IIT-BHU campus have denied reports that the 3 months long course is a training for young women to become an ideal Indian bride. He claimed he was misquoted by the journalists and also gave an official statement.

If IIT-BHU will start any course they will talk about it themselves. MCIIE is just an incubation center for startups, to provide them with space in order to develop their ideas. But the institute has no connection to the ideas or what the start-up come up with. Our concept is to train women to be employable in several parts of UP and Bihar where the unemployability rate is high. IIT BHU has nothing to do with it, they are not conducting any course.“

So how did it start? The course isn’t called “Adarsh Bahu”.  Turns out that it was all fabricated and sensationalized by a certain section of the media to get more virality and mock at IITs, a prestigious institute for technical education IIT.
Neeraj Srivastava called out the journalists for misquoting him and offered them a course on comprehension skills.

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