Improve Customer Service in innovative ways

A complete guide to improve customer service.

The customer is king and you are his slave, who will matter in his power to satisfy the king. Well, that’s the ideal thought that every person working in a customer service organization must have in their mind. As because of the customer you are running and they bring bread and butter to your table, so it is very appropriate to have one loyal and satisfied customers at your disposal. But still, as human behavior is hard to predict, so it is very difficult to understand all the core needs of customers and moreover satisfy them. So you need to understand what they want and Improve Customer Service.

Well, people who are working in the HR department for years and they handle a bunch of obnoxious people on daily basis, still somehow fails to satisfy their every client. So, what should one do enhance their customer’s service as one satisfied customer is equal to your paycheck? So, according to some dig on Google and finding some experts opinion, we have a list of steps that can improve customer service and lead the path of one happy customer.

Try to think as a customer

Before making any changes in the work environment or launching any new product think as a customer. To improve customer service put yourself in the shoes of customers and then do anything. Suppose, you are in the restaurant business and want change your restaurant menu, so here think as a customer and their choice before making the menu.

Get customers feedback

The most important thing here is to get regular feedback from the customers. Ask them to rate your services and leave their review on the services provided. Also, ask customers to rate your employees and feedback on their services. For example, as whenever you book Uber ride, there is an option to rate your driver. Which is very good way to understand the employee’s performance from direct customers. This is a great way to improve customer service and give them quality satisfaction.

Listen to your customers

Just don’t stop at getting the feedback from the customers. You should take immediate action on their feedback and also ask customers that are they happy with the action or they need any further improvement this enables efficient improve customer service. That develops a feeling of self-belongingness in customers and they will be pleased to get your services again.

Chat with your customers

Some customers like to talk and know more about the services. So, chat with them as they want and answer their every question. Don’t get agitated and answer until the customer is satisfied. Integrate chat bot in website to improve customer service.

Personalize your service

Take initiative to personalize more with customers and make them welcomed. In the 2016 Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report, 72% of customers expect reps to know their contact information, product details, and service history as soon as they engage with a brand. So, share your product history, the story behind the product etc should be shared with customers helps to gain their trust. Personalization brings benefit to improve customer service.

Customer service team at the disposal

Every organization should have a special person or full department that manages the customer complaints quickly and provide them with a satisfactory solution. The customer care service must be available by telephone, email, fax or face to face help desk. So, that customer can use any method. The better customer care service signifies that whether the customer will come back or not. It helps to get a whole better experience to improve customer service and relationship with enterprise.

Go beyond your capacities

Always extend your boundaries while catering to the needs of customers and provide something extra to them which will always improve customer service. This will make customers feel more special and they will never leave you. For example, take notes of your customers birthday’s and surprise them with a special greeting, that surely earns you some brownie points in the customer good books.

Never say no

Yes delete the word no from your vocabulary and never say no to your customers. If their wish is beyond your range. Don’t say no outrageously, just handle their need diplomatically. So, folks these few tips to improve your customer’s service and satisfy your customers. So, follow these tips and always remember that customer is always right and treat them as God.

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