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I Am...

I work on ideas to create big impact for the class and mass! I run a startup called apnacake. apnacake is an online classifieds for home bakers in India. The objective is to bridge the gap between customers and home bakers.

Startup Journey

I love cake. But buying the same old cake available in the market was not very interesting. Also, you don't get customized cakes that easily. While talking to my mother, I realized that home bakers in small towns need a platform to market their creativity, and the choices for cakes are less in most of the markets. apnacake would help customer discover awesome cakes at the local level.

I wanted to bring an element of local flavor in my brand name. So, I kept the first word as 'apna' (which means 'mine' in Hindi) and the second part as cake. Since Hindi is commonly spoken throughout India and quick to relate, apnacake was a natural choice at that point of time.

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Challenges Faced

Being a non tech guy, I feel late to the party at times. Getting right (both heart and mind) people for a project is challenging.  Getting suppliers and brands on board is another. Looking for help and mentors to help us in our journey also needs to be taken care of.

Do note that every person is unique. They deal with circumstances in their own way. We as entrepreneurs should not judge. We should contribute in every possible way, big or small. While we teach, we should learn too. So keep things simple which is a challenge in the real sense.  

Memories I Fondly Remember

When I was in primary school, we ran a flee market in the annual event and opened a 'pani poori' stall. It was fun selling things. It was also my first understanding of business. I wish there were more such events to enhance real life skills.

The second would be a missed opportunity after graduating as an engineer. I was looking for job when one of my friends referred me to a startup (back in 2004) for its tech engineering division in Singapore and Bangalore. I was called for an interview for the role of a DSP programmer. I was rejected for this position. But they called me the next day to offer me a sales (B2B) job. Call it what you may, I did not accept the offer due to some other plans. This mistake haunts me till date. It was a big career mistake that taught me to never let go of opportunities.

Wish I had the ability to understand its importance then!

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Entrepreneurs I Admire The Most

Jeff Bezos. I find his sense of humor to be his success!

My Powers

Consulting in strategy development, content, franchise , product management, and competitive intelligence.

My Two Cents

Don't ignore common sense even when you are using high end technology. Learn and always teach your colleagues. The best part of knowledge is sharing. Also, if you want to master something, teach it.

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