Interview Questions and Answers for all job seekers searching for job

Interview Questions and Answers for all job seekers searching for job

In order to hire an employee, every company conducts a screening process to test the ability of that person. Interviewers, however, ask a few basic and common Interview questions  to test the knowledge of the candidate. These questions may be technical or Non-technical and seem difficult to answer, but there are a few hacks to answer these as most experts ask similar questions. The most common Interview Questions and Answers that are asked are: 

First most important Interview Questions and Answers  is Tell me about yourself:

This is the first question that every interviewer asks in order to check the communication skills and the usage of the grammar in a candidate. This question contains three chunks where the candidate should first introduce himself self, then talk about his projects and finally their areas of interest. This basically defines the way of speaking and the interviewer gets an idea about the candidate depending on this introduction.

 Why do we hire you?

One of the important Interview Questions and Answers is this.This questions decides the knowledge about the individual’s role in the company. This is the most common question that every interviewer asks. While answering a question like this one should look confident and maintain stability while speaking. The candidate should react in a positive manner highlighting the role to be done in the specific company.

 What are your strengths and weakness?

The interviewer wants to know about the interest of the candidate towards the work. Depending on the answer given he will form an opinion in his mind. While answering these questions people should not only talk about their strength and weaknesses but also need to elaborate the situation with an example that they have experienced in their lives, so that the interviewer is able to estimate the situation exactly.this is also one among the Interview Questions and Anwers.

Where do you want to see yourself in the next few years?

This is the most deferential interview questions and answers that the interviewer wants to hear an answer for. While answering this, the candidate should be careful not to speak hurriedly and the answer should be elaborate and out-of-the-box. People should answer in such a way that the interviewer gets impressed but not tired or dissatisfied listening to the answer. Always try to answer positively to impress.

How about managing work under pressure?

The interviewer asks this question in order to test the patience and interest in working for extra hours. While answering this type of questions candidates should not create a negative impact by random answers. They should only talk about the possible situations and not drive his mind another way that could harm the success of the candidate. This should be kept in mind in terms of this type of questions.

Do you prefer to work in a group or single?

This defines the nature of the work for which an individual is being hired.  While answering this question the interviewee should keep in mind that the answer should be in a positive manner whether it is single or group. If the answer is group work they have to hype themselves in front of the interviewer so that it may help in their selections for the projects of the company

How do you measure your performance/work?

This defines the individual’s view about the work that they are being selected for. The main motto of the interviewer is to test the knowledge about the work and views on the experience of the work. This should be answered diplomatically with modesty in order for better results of placement.

Elaborate your last role in a company?

This answer defines the interest level and work nature of the person sitting for interview. The answer should be positive and include all the key responsible areas of the previous job profile.  While elaborating the last role people need to be careful about the pitfalls they experienced and should not repeat them.

Do you have any experience?

The answer to this question should be too straight and sharp. This answer should not be made clumsy and should be honest and straight. The candidate needs to be very frank while giving the answer as this would decide a better position for current job offer.

Do you mind working extra hours?

While answering this question the candidate should honestly answer weather they are able to or not. This can simply be defined by the type of work they get to do.

Not only these, but there are many other questions that may be asked during an interview. The vital keys are to stay calm, composed, focused and think before answering any question. However, a thorough understanding of the above answers would definitely lead to success.

The above were the common Interview  Questions and Answers.

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