JackMa’s Exit NOT likely to Affect Alibaba’s Plans for India

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Oct 11, 2018 1 min read
JackMa’s Exit NOT likely to Affect Alibaba’s Plans for India

Following JackMa’s retirement next year, there will not be any impact of the e-commerce behemoth’s investments in India as his successor will not make significant changes in the strategy, an industry analyst in China said. The company’s investment strategy is unlikely to undergo a significant change.

"It is because Alibaba's leadership regime is not based on Ma's personal charisma. The company has a set of collective decision-making mechanisms. It's an open corporation operated by a group of responsible partners," Zhao Gancheng, director of the South Asia Studies Department at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies said. "And India is generally keen on Chinese investment too."

"The Indian market has inestimable potential, but it's still hard to turn it into reality," Zhao said. "The country's business environment, laws and regulations are fairly complicated. I hope the company can make market-driven decisions there," he added.

"The developments of Alibaba's plan in India are yet to be seen," Zhao said, pointing out that "online payment businesses can be sensitive, because they concern national security."
Despite the fact that Alibaba is not directly present in the online marketplace in India, it`s operations in the country through some of the exceptional investments in paytm and snapdeal. This includes backing up of digital payments platform Paytm, in Cloud computing via Alibaba Cloud, UCWeb and various other innovation initiatives.

With Indian e-commerce space flourishing, it does make a lucrative destination for the company. With the growing smartphone user base,  internet access and a pool of talented individuals, Ma witnessed vast opportunities for investments in the country.
JackMa who will continue as the Board of Directors for the company has earlier penned down a letter stating his exit in September, 2019.  The honcho named the company's CEO Daniel Zhang as his successor who would take the lead next year.
Operating in over 200 countries, the Chinese e-commerce giant has time and again managed to outperform and go beyond its American rivals.

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