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Who am I?

I always believe in the saying; "We make a Living by what we Get, but we make a Life by what we Give." I greatly put this as my Life's philosophy; to Serve others and give back to the community.

I'm currently a Volunteer at Vision Australia, as a Community Technology specialist for those with visual impairment.

I was not smart, I failed a lot and had to retake lot of major subjects in the university but finally in 2015, I achieved my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering. I carried on to be a Multi-level marketer during college days to help me come up with my University allowance and eventually it paved me in Self-development and opened my mind to ideas. Our thoughts are like magnets, whatever we think of something we attract it.

I also Co-founded Food4Needy, a service that delivers unused goods from establishments that is edible and gives to those in need. Currently, I'm working now on Jobdrafts with which we aim going to disrupt the Online Recruitment world and provide better built on integrity to help people to get Employment.

Come and follow my journey, and together "Let us change The world, One Person at a Time." - Kayvan Mirabel

This is how my typical day looks like

Imagine sleeping at 1AM to 3AM Everyday, as my mind is always busy searching for knowledge and ideas.  

I'm an Introvert and I spend most of the time alone at my room researching and reading books about business and self-development as I constantly want to improve, build my personality and to keep my positive attitude going and to one day achieve my vision.

(PS: I'm a solid Gamer. would be constantly playing daily on my Mobile Phone and Xbox to relax my mind.)

What keeps me awake

I can't keep my mind off the startup we're building "Jobdrafts." I am currently focusing on polishing our Concept. Our aim is to Improve/Disrupt the Human Resource/Online Job portal sector, to create a better and new way for Job search.

Startup Struggle

It has been a really tough journey, past co-founders and team of mine have decided to leave and focus fully on their careers. It took before months nearly to a year of break as I was really down and negative emotions set in. I can't do this alone, time for building a team took a lot of time and without a team i'm doomed.

I had to push myself, pray to God, focused on my vision and burning desire in my heart. I simply had to get up and try again, took learning experience from the past and with that it propelled me to begin again with more wisdom.
(Remember to push yourself as no one is going to do it for you.)

Tools I love

Laptop, Pen/Paper, Travel journal. Aside from online research i'm old fashioned most of the time, Initially, I would conceptualize and Design on paper, I mostly take down Notes in my Journal as you might catch an idea one day that will spark your startup!

My favorite entreprenur

Jack Ma
As he is someone who proves no matter what education or family background you have if you really wan't to achieve your dream nothing will ever stop you from achieving it. One of his advices really helped me to begin and pursue my Startup vision:

"Where there is Problems and Complains there is Opportunity." - JackMa

Let me share a hack for you!

Have a Whiteboard or planner (Put your Task/Priorities and schedules). It would really help a lot, list your goals and targets you need to do; Daily, Weekly and Monthly, it will also let you track of your progress.

Future of Indian Startup Ecosystem

India has one of the Largest country in Startup Tech. I believe we must Inspire, educate and help each other. Would highly encourage everyone to inspire, educate, help and work together to create an innovative solution to a growing need or problem.

You may not change the whole world, but if you help someone you might mean the whole world for them.

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