9 | Best Life Tips to Stay Productive and Manage Time

With the passage of time, our life is getting further hectic. Life has become fast paced and everyone wants to achieve everything in a short span of time. Now staying productive and managing time is not only a wish but an essential need. So, people start to overwork and add more work to their basket then they can handle. This leads to degrading performance towards work and the personal health of the individual. By stating this fact I am not implying that people should not work hard or they should not push their boundaries. I am just trying to state that we all need to plan our day smartly so that at the end of the day we feel accomplished rather than tired.

To boost your productivity and keep you stay active we have done an in-depth research to provide one-minute life hacks. These tips will definitely help you to enhance your workability. So let’s grab your attention to tell you cool life hack to stay productive and manage your time well.

1. Make a To-Do list

Every morning make a rough draft of your day in your mind. Note down the vital tasks of the day and divide tasks according to the priorities. It will help you to signify the important task of the day and you will know which task you have to perform first. In short, prioritizing work is the first ultimate hack which one must do. You can also make a To-Do List for daily activities and needs such as grocery shopping, etc. When you go to grocery shop for the first time, and if you have a regular store, note down the aisles from which you picked the items. Then in future, you can simply refer back to it. Eventually, you would end up memorizing it anyway and saving time. Lay out your clothes for the next day. Cook your lunch that you will eat. Make a list of goals that you want to accomplish for the next day. Prepare in advance for your upcoming day. These life hacks would keep you prepared in advance.

2. Visualise the work

Before starting any work visualize the work in your head. For example, if you want to edit a video or create a prototype effect for an animation then try to visualize it in your mind. Further, this would help you to create a baseline for any work so that you don’t lose time on thinking about the master plan. If you are not able to visualize it in your head, write down each step on the board which will depict a clear picture of the situation. Add every element on the board and you will surely find the solution lying around.

3. Keep distraction away

We all know, to do something productive we need to focus on the work and stay away from all the distractions. The biggest distraction of the twenty-first century is the smartphone. According to a research,  people spend 1.5 hours a day on apps unknowingly.  So pledge daily to switch off/keep away your smart device for an hour and utilize that time to make some productive plans for the future. This hack has been proven effective by many performers. If you feel distracted and want some focus quickly, then tap in the center of the forehead. You will definitely feel better instantaneously.

4. Use handwritten Notes

Always use handwritten notes then the typed note on the computer. As per many renowned surveys, it has been found out that people tend to follow handwritten notes more than computer written notes.

5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Adopt a healthy lifestyle to enhance the metabolism of the body. try to eat more vitamins and protein and drink water as much as you can. Moreover, keep protein shakes or protein bars handy with you. If you are stuck with meetings, or something comes up so that you have to give up your lunch, a protein shake or protein bar is far more healthy than anything else.

6. Talk positively about everyone

Always talk positively about yourself and never underestimate yourself. As what we repeat daily, we eventually start to believe in it. So, always think positive and eventually everything positive will happens. To stay happy and positive all day, smile.  A simple smile can make your life ten times easier and people will start to approach you more.

7. Develop healthy work environment

Develop a good healthy environment at work. Likewise, give one compliment daily to your coworkers. You can praise their work or simply complement their dressing sense

8. Appreciate and help others

Take a moment and appreciate all the good things in your life. Trust me you will really feel better. Help the other needy people and do some charity work.

9. Ask yourself

Each evening, before you fall asleep, reflect on how the day went by asking yourself these questions: What are 3 good things that happened today? How could I have made today better? What does it mean for you in the long run?

So, these were some simple one-minute life hacks stay productive and manage Time. Try to follow these one-minute life hacks daily and you will definitely feel the changes in your life. Do let us know if these tricks worked for you!

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