LiveWebinar : Perfect solution for hosting live meetings

Arbaz Sayed Arbaz Sayed
May 7, 2021 4 min read
LiveWebinar : Perfect solution for hosting live meetings

Whether office, schools, airlines, banks, or hospital technology is becoming a crucial part at the same time connecting people from one end to another. Web conferencing is that organ of Technology that helps people in communicating with other people who are abroad.

Some businesses may have personnel at a different part of the globe and that doesn’t mean they have to present physically every time to join a meeting.

Here comes, Live Webinar, a specially designed tool for connecting people from one place to another via web conferencing.

What is LiveWebinar
LiveWebinar Features
LiveWebinar Pros
LiveWebinar Cons
LiveWebinar Integrations
LiveWebinar Ratings
LiveWebinar Pricing

What is LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based tool for hosting and participating in web conferencing, customized branding, live streaming, social media broadcasting, and more.

Inviting participants in LiveWebinar is so easy because here you can just share a link and allow them in your meeting room by assigning them their respective roles.

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Meetings, Web conferencing, Sales and Marketing, E-Learning, Human Resource, Customer Support, Schools, Information Technology, E-banking, Healthcare facilities

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LiveWebinar Website
LiveWebinar Website

LiveWebinar Features

  • LiveWebinar is completely a cloud-based tool and can be used on every device and browser.
  • While attending a meeting, you can also share your views with your participants via chatting, sharing of documents and images makes working with LiveWebinar easy.
  • One more thing in LiveWebinar is the private messaging option which helps in having a personal conversation without any interruption.
  • You don’t have to worry about your clients not speaking the same language because LiveWebinar offers you more than 100 languages that translate conversation of your clients in a pretty way.
  • Broadcasting of meetings on the social platform can be easily done with LiveWebinar.
  • With LiveWebinar, Users can organize meetings on their stage and also do customized branding to gather more attention from the attendees.
  • Here LiveWebinar offers an Interactive Whiteboard where you can write notes, pin-up them, and smoothly market your prevailing or upcoming schemes to others.
  • LiveWebinar has a Double encrypted storage facility where users can safely store their data and files without worrying.

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LiveWebinar Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Secured Storage system
  • Customer Support is very good
  • Interactive Whiteboard, Screen sharing, Polls & surveys, and more.

LiveWebinar Cons

  • Fonts are missing
  • No Pause option in the recording.

LiveWebinar Integrations

  • MailChimp
  • Companion Monitor
  • iContact
  • Zapier
  • HeySummit
  • Fresh Mail
  • Sales Mango
  • Klaviyo
  • AWeber
  • SendFox
  • Convertkit

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LiveWebinar Ratings

Below are the reviews we gathered from popular review sites like g2 and Capterra -

Overall Rating - 4.8/5
Ease of Use - 4.6/5
Customer Service - 4.7/5
Features - 4.6/5
Value for Money - 4.9/5

LiveWebinar Pricing


  • Free
  • Up to 5 Attendees
  • 2h of Recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Tests, Polls, and Surveys
  • Marketing Automation


  • Up to 100 Attendees
  • 6h of Recording
  • Sub-accounts
  • Youtube and Vimeo Player
  • Limit of Email Invitations - 200/24h
  • Chat Translation


  • Up to 500 Attendees
  • 8h of Recording
  • Participants Tracking
  • Full HD Recording
  • Limit of Email Invitations - 1000/24h
  • Ads - Banner


What is LiveWebinar?

LiveWebinar is a well secured cloud-based solution for live conferencing, meetings, screen sharing, recording for people who want to connect others from one end to another end.

Does LiveWebinar offer screen sharing in mobiles?

No. This feature isn’t available in LiveWebinar.

Which browsers are recommendable for using LiveWebinar?

Chrome and Firefox are the browsers that users can opt for using LiveWebinar.

Does LiveWebinar offer a free trial?

Yes. LiveWebinar offers a free trial to its users.


LiveWebinar is the best live conferencing cloud-based tool that enables people to host and attend a live conference, classes, meetings, webinars, etc.

The good thing is LiveWebinar has a double encrypted secure storage that keeps the confidential data and files of the users safe.

Customized Branding, Surveys, and Polls, a multilingual translation like features proves LiveWebinar is why most considerable and worthy tool for you.

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