Looking for the perfect start-up idea? Then you’ve come to the right place

Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? Who doesn’t want that extra bit of income coming in? More and more people are looking to start their own business and break free of their traditional 9-5. Running your own business means that you have more freedom. You’re in better control of your professional career and in some cases, your finances. So it’s easy to see why so many people are looking to build their own business empire.  

Although creating your own business from scratch isn’t easy after all, everything from the stock levels to the marketing plan, the website build and the health and safety – check out myparkingsign if you’re looking for high quality signage for your business – rests on your shoulders.

But what most budding entrepreneurs struggle will it’s the initial idea for their start up. What should they sell? What services can they provide? If this sounds like you, then read on for 4 business start-up ideas.

Plant based food

The world is going crazy for everything plant based. In the last 12 months alone, you might have noticed more and more plant based eateries in the high street, and options on the supermarket shelves. So, why not take full advantage of the trend? From starting your own coffee truck with plant milk alternatives to your own eatery that serves plant based treats and pastries. Do plenty of research on the trend and you might just come across an area that hasn’t been fully explored yet.

Personal Training

They say that personal training is a saturated market, and while that might be true, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn your passion for fitness into a lucrative business. There are plenty of training providers who can help you get your personal training qualifications, but you can always go a step further and become a professional in different areas other than the gym. You could focus on pre/postnatal women, Pilates and yoga or even take on GP referrals. Your success depends on how much effort you put into building your brand.

Hairdressing/makeup artist

If you’re talented with all things hair and makeup then why not make a business out of it? There are plenty of qualifications, classes and tutorials to invest in – many led by industry professionals. You won’t even need to pay for an expensive chair at a salon; become a bridal makeup specialist for example and you can bring your makeup expertise to your clients.


There are a couple of avenues you can take here. If you already create a specific product, then you can turn your hobby into a business by selling your products on platforms such as Etsy and through social media. Alternatively, choose a particular line of products you want to sell (after extensive market research of course), build your own website from scratch, advertise via social media etc and get selling. Ecommerce does require some upfront costs which could be daunting, but if you do plenty of research and work hard, your first sale will make it all worth it!

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