Make Family Gatherings An Occasion To Rejoice And Reminisce With These Tips

A family gathering does not need to be potlucks and never-ending gossip. There is more to a family gathering that can make it an event to rejoice. We rarely meet the whole family in one place, and when so many limbs need to function together to create a memorable occasion, you might as well go the extra mile.

When we talk about reminiscing, we think about how to create a slideshow of photos; apart from the straightforward ways, some activities can spark great excitement.

Before we get to the activities, ensure you consider the logistics of this. Is this something you want to do at home? Or at a destination? Keep in mind that you have the whole family in one place, and there is nothing that can make a gathering more tedious than managing everyone in one place. Like planning a corporate event, even this should take a few steps of planning.

Step one is finding mutual dates. Plan months ahead of time, so there is an opportunity for everyone to consider their schedule. Do not enforce a fixed date, but rather give multiple options and allow people to weigh the pros and cons of each. Sort through the calendar and find a long-weekend or holiday season. Pick dates when it’s most comfortable for people to get time off from work.

The next challenge will be the location. If you are doing this at a person’s house, make sure to rent or buy enough supplies to host this seamlessly. One can also choose to book a resort or a convention center if the groups are much more significant. Some families even plan to gather at holiday destinations. Ensure all members are on-board with the goal. Using a group chat or email thread always helps.

Send a fun invite to kick-start the celebrations. Make this an event to look forward to. Using a simple video editor online, make a pleasant animated invitation that the family can hold dear for the many years to come.

Once you have the whole squad in one place, allow nostalgia to kick in. Nothing connects families like simple games and activities that bring back fond memories. Here is a list of some of the most fun ideas that can make this gathering an unforgettable experience.

1. That Trip We Took

Nothing else sparks a memory like the last time you traveled. If you know how to create a slideshow, you can collect photos from the members of the family and stitch together a collection of all the travel memories. When we travel away from home is when the best stories are made. On the screen, present the photos of the various destinations and ask them to narrate the story behind that image.

2. Talent Showcase

Families are the safest space for any gathering. This is your chance to allow your relatives to take their crazies up a notch. Ask each family member to come prepared with a small showcase of their talent. This show can be a dance, storytelling, a skit, playing an instrument -- whatever they plan to do. Set up a stage and let the show begin.

3. The Effect Of Time

Nostalgia comes from photos of the past. And this is the most fun your family can have. Using a simple video editor online, you can create a video on the effect of time on all the members of the family. Take a childhood photo and then present-day images. Create a video to show how different everyone looks. This video will take almost no time to make and will bring a smile on every face.

5. Family Award Show

If you want to try something new, then host an award show, just like the ones you see on TV. Create innovative award categories like best cook, best driver, best clown, best uncle, etc. Make each of the award winners give a speech as they accept their nukes to the rest of the family. Prepare a presentation and get a small prop that can be given away as a trophy.

6. Family Quiz Night

Imagine a quiz show, but with a family-friendly twist. Instead of testing the knowledge of the world, frame questions about members of the family. You can choose to divide them into teams and run many rounds. Get together with a few people in the family to frame questions. Ask someone in the family who knows how to create a slideshow, and make a creative presentation of all the questions and answers to add more excitement.

7. Not Bed Time Storytelling

This is an ideal post-dinner activity that fits in perfectly for all ages. Ask members of the family to step forward and create a story on the spot based on the suggestions of the other members. The stories must have characters from the family. Ask the members of your family to let their imagination run wild. There are no rules to the story, and the motive is to have fun.

8. Compile A Family Constitution

When we say the constitution, we do not mean the actual legal script. We intend to make a fictional rule-and-regulations book for the family. Consider your family as a government and assign each member one role. Add made-up rules and regulations as if your family was a country of its own. Let all members of the family throw out pointers and guidelines that they deem fit for the book.

The more casual the family activities, the more exciting they will be. When you first pitch most of them, you will be sure to sense some apprehensions from a few members. But once the ball gets rolling, there will be no stopping it.

Every day spent with your family is a way of creating memories. Making the most of this time with fun-filled games can make time fly. Get the opinions of everyone in the family before you plan too far into the events. The only way this will work is if everyone is on board.