How to use Medium to Boost your Business

Medium is a blog hosting platform, which lets both amateur and professional writers and publications publish their work. Launched in August 2012 by Evan Williams, Medium is an apt example of social Journalism, and a  wonderful platform to read and write important stories because everyone has a story.

Medium is something like Quora, except, it’s different. The similarity in both the websites is that they both are a great source of knowledge. However, where Quora lets the user ask questions and answer them, Medium lets you create your question and answer the same. In other words, it lets you create your blog. And when we talk about blogs, the first thing that comes to our mind is business. So, here we've listed some of the ways to use Medium for business in this article.

What is Medium?
How Medium Works?
How to use Medium For Your Business
How To Integrate Your Medium Blog Into Your Website
Medium Membership
Industries Which Benefit from Using Medium

What is Medium

As already said, Medium is a kind of online newspaper or magazine. It is an online publishing platform. Anyone can use it for free and start writing their journey or start their journey of writing. Mostly, people use it as a casual blog to write about their everyday thoughts. Many people like to write consistently whereas many people just write on particular topics on particular occasions.

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How Medium Works?

Just like other social media, people can react to your content by liking it, however, it is called “Recommend” in Medium’s world. When people recommend your content, Medium starts showing it on others feed. Moreover, people can comment on your content to ask any query or to appreciate it.

One can choose to follow other writers and read their content on Medium. As it is all free, they have a good amount of visitors per month. On average, Medium has almost 60 million users per month, which is not as much as Quora’s or Reddit’s traffic, but still a big number. Unlike other platforms, Medium lets you reach new readers too, who otherwise wouldn’t even know you exist. As per the 2016 reports, more than 75 million posts were published on Medium and it had 140% of increase in users in that year.

Some other great features of Medium includes connecting to your Twitter or Facebook followers automatically so that they can read your content. Moreover, Medium lets you import your content from other platforms too. One of the best features Medium provides is the stats of your content. It not only tells you how many read your content, but how many made it to the end and how much average time it took them to read your content.

How to Use Medium for Your Business

Medium is an amazing platform that lets you reach a huge audience, and thus it can be used profitably for your business. Lets have a look at how medium can help grow your business-


Get yourself discovered by other people who might be interested in your content. The medium can show your content on the feed of anyone who might like your writings. When people will know about you, they would want to know about your product or service.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Provide a link to your website in your profile and divert some traffic. Because of your good content, some people might get converted into your customers. Just stick to your niche and write great content.

Research the Trend

You can use Medium to research the trend in the market. Just keep reading the blogs and be updated. You might think that this could be done via Facebook or other popular social media, but if your product is related to writing, then Medium is the best. You can use Medium to connect with the writers community and observe them. It will help you to become a better writer in future.

Earning Side Income

If you are new into the startup world, also a good writer and want to have a side income, then Medium is just perfect for you.
Join the Medium Partner Program. With this, you can earn from your blogs. However, you will have to pay some money before entering this program.
The Medium Partner Program works as people who love your content, clap for you. To avail of the clap feature, they have to pay some money. And Medium pays you whenever someone claps. So, yes, you can earn from Medium blogs.

Easy To Set Up

Unlike other platforms, Medium does not include any typical features. You can easily make a blog and publish it. All you want to know about is good writings. You don’t even have to add any plugins, neither you have the option to do so. Therefore, you don’t have to hire someone to set up a Medium blog if you want to.

How To Integrate Your Medium Blog Into Your Website

Although there are many tools available out there that can help you to integrate your Medium blog into your website. Here, we are guiding you with SociableKit. We believe, the process of other tools will be much similar to them.

  • Create a free SociableKIT account and log in.
  • Click “+ Create SocibleKIT Solution” button on the upper right corner of the dashboard.
  • Enter the name of your Medium feed.
  • Select “Medium Publication Feed” on the drop-down.
  • Enter your Medium publication feed ID.
  • Click “Proceed” button and design your feed as you like.
  • Click “Embed on Website” button on the upper right corner of the dashboard.
  • On the pop-up, click “Copy Code” button.
  • Paste the embed code

Medium Membership

Medium offers users subscriptions from $5 (monthly) to $50 ( yearly ). With the subscription, the customer gets to access the exclusive content, audio narrations of popular stories and an improved bookmark section.

Industries Which Can Benefit from Using Medium

The industries or niches where Medium is a great tool to success are :-

  • Life learning
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Startups
  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Politics

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The main aim of this post was to tell you that Medium can be used in many other ways than hobby writings. Even the best thing about business is that marketing is limited by nothing. You can market from anything, anywhere. Try creating a medium blog today. Write whatever you like, and however, you like it. Be you!

Comment on some other ways to use Medium blogs.

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