New Year Office Party Ideas for Startups to Welcome 2022

Ria Puneyani Ria Puneyani Anik Banerjee Anik Banerjee
Dec 29, 2021 10 min read
New Year Office Party Ideas for Startups to Welcome 2022

Well, it’s that time of the year again when we bid adieu to an ending year and usher in a new year. 2021 is coming to an end and with that we’re welcoming 2022 with open arms, hoping that this will be a good year, and will set forth with numerous opportunities to forget about everything bad that we crossed paths with in the past year, thereby letting us start afresh.

Celebrations form a major part of the new beginnings. This is why in almost every house, and in a majority of the offices and workplaces around the world, parties and celebrations are a must. Therefore, many of the offices, corporate firms, and other organizations often celebrate the arrival of the new year with parties of different kinds and other amusements.

The new year parties are generally seen as social events that not only help the employees unwind and relax after an exhaustive year of work but also charge them up with new hopes and dreams that they can achieve in their respective organizations in their year upcoming. Studies have shown that the celebrations like new year parties help improve the overall morale of the employees along with increasing the loyalty and goodwill towards the company. Bonds that are formed during these parties lead to a renewed boost in the chemistry, coordination, and comradeship among the workers.

Now that you have understood the importance of hosting new year parties, let us look into the variety of ways in which you can celebrate a memorable, exciting, and unforgettable new year party with your employees and co-workers. The Covid-times has certainly brought new challenges in the lives of every one of us but with the relaxation of the guidelines and other strictures, it is in these occasions like the new year parties, which can help us get a new impetus, thereby instilling in us a new sense of positivity.

So, without further ado, let us look into the best ways that you can deck your party this New Year 2022!

Have a Theme Party
Secret Santa
Corporate Gifts
Spoof Reels
Family Get Together
Fun and Games
The Speeches
Lunch/Dinner Together
Hitting the Dance Floor
Team Outings
Bonfire Night
Cool Activities
Charity Events
Virtual Office Parties
Toasting to the Holidays
Spotting the Talents
Dressing Competition
Food Fests

Have a Theme Party

Themes give new meaning to the party, it helps people orient themselves around a common idea and have fun. Though sometimes the idea may sound very cliched, themed parties generally bring out a creative side from the participants while also giving ample opportunities for people to have fun and feel comfortable while innovating and showing off their creativity. Some of the themes you can have are:

  • Sitcom
  • Superhero
  • Ballroom gala
  • Medieval time
  • 20th-century eras
  • Science Fiction
  • Hollywood glamour
  • Carnival
  • Retro
  • Winter
  • Games
  • Masquerade

You can always go for themes unique to your workplace or also do a combination of several themes. The key idea of a themed party is to get people out of an everyday environment.

Theme Party Ideas for New Year Party

Secret Santa

Secret Santa - New Year Office party Ideas
Secret Santa - New Year Office Party Ideas

The idea of secret Santa is built on the plan to have the employees gift each other something special. The traditional way is to have a ballot filled with the names of employees; each person randomly draws a name. Once the slips have been allocated everyone has to buy a gift for their assigned individual at the new year party, a gift exchanging ceremony can be hosted. This will help people discover each other's hobbies, interests and develop a better understanding of themselves as individuals. Secret Santas lead to several twists, surprises and often create many opportunities for some good laughs. A secret Santa done correctly also help bring the quieter employees to the forefront and help them interact more with their colleagues.

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Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifting Idea for New Year Office party
Corporate Gifting Idea for New Year Office party

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? Besides, when it comes from higher-ups in the company, it can truly show how much the employees are valued. Corporate gifts can come in a variety of forms:

  • Corporate stationeries
  • Coupons or vouchers for gym, spas, hotels
  • Grooming kits
  • Sweet treats
  • Succulents
  • Food hampers
  • Gift baskets
  • Backpacks
  • Hoodies and other garments
  • Coffee mugs

Some of the more thoughtful gifts can include:

  • Power banks
  • Custom laptop/phone covers for individuals
  • Smartwatches

These gifts can also contain custom messages from managers, managing partners, and other key executives of the company to add personal touches to these gifts. While these gifts may seem small, they definitely hold deep sentimental values for the workers and can be a source of motivation for them.

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Spoof Reels

Laughter is the best medicine. Spoof reels can bring a smile to even the most rock-faced employee. Making a spoof reel requires some pre-planning. Employees who are good with photography, video editing can make their talents shine. Comic events from the year can be recorded and put together to make a movie at the end. Music or funny sounds can be added for heightened comic effect. The spoof reels need not be just fun events, they can also be a compilation of cute baby pictures, awkward pictures from the past, and more. Spoof reels can relieve tension and create a joyful environment at the party.

Family Get Togethers

Families are the defining relationships of human beings. They are the reason why most employees get up to go to work each morning. So, why not show them some love and apperception by making the new year party a family get-together. With food aplenty and a family-friendly atmosphere, a new year party can be turned into a true celebration. Family-centric parties not only raise the morale of the employees but also help in uniting the families and forming new and promising relationships. Research shows family functions help the family members socialize more along with providing them with strong emotional and practical support. Besides, these get-togethers also help them lower the risk of behavior problems and improve their mental health.

Fun and Games

Playing games is something that is enjoyed by young and old. Games ignite youth and passion within us that only a few other activities can replicate, add in some competitive element, you will get an all-time party classic. Furthermore, the party games have the benefit of being highly customizable, which can be personalized according to the time constraints, theme, and atmosphere. Some of the famous party games are:

  • Pictionary
  • Musical Chair
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Codenames
  • Murder mystery

Small prizes and tokens at the end of each game can dramatically raise the stakes of each game. It is not an uncommon sight to see even the older members of the company run around like children during intense gaming sessions.

Fun Party Gamed ideas

The Speeches

Appreciation speeches in New Year Office party
Appreciation speeches in New Year Office party

Speeches have changed the course history. From the speech of Mark Antony at Caesar's funeral to Abraham Lincoln's monumental Gettysburg address, great orators have reshaped our culture more often than we can count. While your colleagues do not expect you to change the history on a given night, a simple speech properly delivered can change lives. The speeches do not need to be dull and monotonous it can be peppered with jokes and salted with wit. Upper management can use this time to show their appreciation for their employees, workers can recognize the help and support they had received from others through the year.

Lunch/Dinner Together

"A team that works together eats together". Bonding over food is something that fosters unity and often leads to some interesting gossips that might come out as truly game-changing ones. Though office lunch and dinner might be a regular phenomenon when it comes to a usual office, new year party luncheons sponsored by the office have a different flavor to it altogether. Β 

Hitting the Dance Floor

Dancing greatly helps in reducing the amounts of cortisol that we have in our bodies. The abnormal increase of the stress hormone cortisol can often lead to life-threatening conditions. However, with an adequate amount of dancing in our lives, we can prevent the increase of cortisol in our bodies and our office party can be an exciting dancing hub that can set our adrenaline pumping high for the upcoming year of enthusiastic determination for work.

Team Outings

Travelling can never be boring and trips obviously become more interesting and exciting when it comes to travelling with friends and colleagues. Office team outings help us get the most of everything that we love. This is why you can rush to arrange a team outing with your co-workers and employees this new year 2022. Β 

Bonfire Night

Bonfire sounds thrilling, romantic and can help us lit up even in the coldest of winters and this is why bonfire nights often become the center of attraction in most of the parties including those from the offices. Nw, if you are wondering about a new year office party, then that can easily be decided as a bonfire night accompanied with some good food, music and a whole lot of gossips. Β  Β 

Cool Activities

We are still hungover with the memories of our distant school days so much so that we simply cannot get over them and a major part of these memories comprise of all the activities that we took part in our school days. The same activities can even get cooler while at the office. However, if you are much concerned about the lack of time when you can delve into these cool activities, then don't worry because such activities can be a part of office occasions and parties like the new year party of 2022. Β 

Charity Events

Charity surely begins at home but it can certainly be reciprocated with good motives even outside of it. Charitable events are mostly up to charitable foundations but taking part in these events simply gives you a separate feeling of happiness that is beyond measure. So, without waiting any further you can always decide upon organizing a charitable event on behalf of your office to enjoy the new year in style. Along with extending some charity to the underprivileged don't forget to generously reward your employees with gifts and foods because they have also taken some time off their other new year plans and joined you in your noble initiative. Β  Β 

Virtual Office Parties

Virtual offices have certainly been a norm of many offices post-Covid. Besides, there are also some other startups that have decided to only operate via their remote entity. Overall, virtual offices can be declared as a trend of now. These offices that operate virtually have a completely different set of rules and norms and thus shall require a separate set of party ideas. To help the virtual office employees to soak in the festive vibes, you can arrange for some funds to be distributed as bonuses, ship gifts for them, arrange for food coupons, or delve into a range of other exciting games and activities!

Toasting to the Holidays

It is past Christmas and the time to usher in the year-ending holidays is near and all of these certainly call for some drinking and being merry. Therefore, when looking for new year party ideas for your office, you can simply choose a place with a view or an ambiance where you and your co-workers and employees can hit the bottle and toast to the new year on a positive note.

Spotting the Talents

It's always a stroke of great luck to have colleagues, team workers, employees, and co-workers with talents aside from their office-related roles. Co-workers who excel in singing, dancing, comedy, painting, acting, mimicry, are real gems in the workplace and the new year party 2022 can be a perfect occasion to recognize such talents at the workplace. People who jump into this talent show can also be rewarded at the end of the event. Β  Β 

Dressing Competition

Fashion is always in with its remarkable trends that come and go. Our dresses are something that makes us what we are and these dresses are always a central part of every occasion, so why not put together an occasion solely dedicating to them? Yes, a dressing contest can just be it when our dresses can set us apart from the rest. An office dressing party can just be the new year plan of 2022. Moreover, the best-dressed employees can also receive special rewards at the event. Β  Β 

Food Fests

Food can bring us all together. Bonding over food has always proven to be promising and it is not an exception even when it comes to offices and the parties conducted within them. Thus, you can easily opt for arranging a food fest with an array of food options across cuisines and no major hassles even for this year's new year office party 2022.


The above-mentioned ideas for new year office parties can simply up the tempo of the commonplace office celebrations and many of them would also suit the WFH environment that is followed in most of the offices. We and the people around us have lost many a precious thing and some of our dearest people during the pandemic that has been ripe during the past couple of years, and the new year party may be the happy distraction we need.

Hope the new year brings the best of days for all of us. To start with the year full of joy should be our main motto.

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2022 from StartupTalky. Hope you have a blast at your New Year Office Party this year! Β 


How to celebrate New Year in office?

Some of the best ways to celebrate the new year in office are:

  • Have a theme party
  • Play Secret Santa
  • Give Corporate Gifts
  • Create Spoof Reels
  • Arrange Family Get Together
  • Play Games
  • Speeches to Appreciate
  • Arrange Singing Contests
  • Decide upon a Dancing Contest
  • Spill the Beans
  • Conduct a Talent Show
  • Set up a Dressing Competition

Why is corporate gifting important?

Corporate gifting is a good idea for making good connections with the office staff. The gifts received by the employees form a part of their memory and help them reflect upon their belongingness in an organization.

What are the top corporate gifting platforms?

Some of the top corporate gifting platforms are:

  • Etsy
  • Swagup
  • Caroo
  • Uncommon Goods
  • Swag.Com
  • Gifts for Good
  • Tinggly
  • Xperience Days

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