Best No Code Platforms for Automation in 2021

Ansh Mehrey Ansh Mehrey
Jan 25, 2021 7 min read
Best No Code Platforms for Automation in 2021

Wouldn't it be convenient if all our trivial and repetitive tasks were performed by programmed machines? That way we would have more time to think out of the box, and focus more on innovative ideas. Owing to the technology that is accessible today, this is exactly what automation is. It helps us create a setup, or a process or a system that operates automatically, and has the ability to perform any number of recurring tasks sometimes even with more efficiency than humans.

With the advent of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the domain of automation has become an ever expanding regime. To imply such automation in the industry, one must possess a certain knowledge of programming languages and the tools to implement them. Although Python is one of the languages most widely used for such endeavors, others are not very far behind. However, automation without coding, is what is actually making rounds these days.

There are various platforms that allow for the use of automation without having to code. Such platforms offer different niches of automation including business automation and applications, browser based tasks, and enterprise workflows among others. These platforms offer integrations with different applications encompassing several domains, even extending to cyber security and management. Here we compare the top 5 No Code Automation Tools, covering different niches, so you can find the best use case for your convenience.

Boomi Flow

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airSlate is an automation tool specially built for business needs, offering a no-code and effortless solution. airSlate helps users with both, Robotic Process Automation and Document Process Automation, to create complex workflows without any third party software or integrations. Moreover, it offers an effortless onboarding, along with industry standard security compliance, for all the sensitive information you have to deal with. It hence allows you to create a workspace and divide the work among your team members.

Features Offered by airSlate

  • airSlate allows users to create templates and HTML forms along with negotiating contract and document eSignatures.
  • With the help of over 50 bots, you can generate pre filled documents and also route conditional workflows, with reminders and notifications.
  • airSlate also automatically extracts data and updates records while also allowing users to integrate with a CRM or cloud.
  • The workflow automation deployment is extremely quick and seamless with airSlate without any code.
  • airSlate offers HIPAA and GDPR security compliance with PCI DSS certification.

Pricing for airSlate

airSlate offers its users 3 different pricing options with mostly similar features, namely the Free Plan, the Basic Plan, and the Business Cloud Plan. While in the free plan, each slate access is limited to 30 days, the Basic Plan that costs $30 per month offers unlimited access. The Business Cloud Plan offers certain advanced features with various integrations and costs $50 per month. is one of the best automation tools for marketing, business, and sales. Ranging from simple automation to complex workflows, helps users sync data between applications with workflows across different applications. The integrations that it offers include Gmail, Slack, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Weebly among various others. The simple and intuitive workflow along with the effortless drag and drop interface allows users to visualize automation and workflows.

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Features Offered by

  • offers hundreds of connectors for cloud and SaaS applications using webhooks and REST APIs.
  • Its simple and intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly automate tasks with drag and drop data mapping.
  • also offers standard security compliance with rest and transit data encryption, along with data retention controls
  • You are also furnished with powerful tools such as data formatting and conditional logic with time delays in workflow.
  • You can choose the best plan for your monthly actions and bots needed with regular data checks.

Pricing for

Free Plan Personal Plan Startup Plan Growth Plan Business Plan Enterprise Plan
Can be used free of cost Costs $29 per month Costs $49 per month Costs $99 per month Costs $199 per month Costs over $399 per month based on custom plan
300 monthly actions with 5 bots 2000 monthly actions with 20 bots 1000 monthly actions with 50 bots 30000 monthly actions with 100 bots 100000 monthly actions with 200 bots Over 500000 monthly actions with unlimited bots
Offers data check every 5 minutes with single action bots Offers data check every 5 minutes with premium applications Offers data check every 5 minutes with premium applications and auto retry Offers data check every 5 minutes with premium applications, auto retry, and excess actions Offers excess actions, data controls, and team accounts Offers excess actions, data controls, and team accounts



Axiom is a platform that offers a wide range of task automation including reports, data entry, web scraping and user interface automation. It offers a range of no code tools meant for extracting data from nested pages, editing, filtering and merging data, along with integrations such as Google Drive, webhooks, and Zapier. Axiom allows you to combine and integrate applications to efficiently customize the bot, to manage complex workflows.

Features Offered by Axiom

  • Generate data consolidated reports across different applications and export data to spreadsheets and slides.
  • Automate data entry in web applications or web forms along with files management including download and uploading batch files.
  • You can also automate visual web scrapping and extraction, as well as user interface without the use of APIs.
  • Axiom also allows you spreadsheet automation with the ability to read, write and merge data into spreadsheets.
  • You can also automate web scrapping from a set of links or even single pages while filtering and manipulating data.

Pricing for Axiom

Free Plan Starter Plan Plus Plan Pro Plan
Can be used free of cost with a monthly runtime of 1 hour Costs $10 per month with a monthly runtime of 5 hour Costs $50 per month with a monthly runtime of 30 hour Costs $100 per month with a unlimited monthly runtime with Cloud and Starter Kit
Can be run on local machines with 50 successful runs Can be run on local machines with 250 successful runs All features of Starter Plan with 2000 successful runs All features of Plus Plan with training and support
Build, download, run, and share your automations Build, download, run, and share your automations Zoom training session with email support Starter Kit service to build 2 bots

Boomi Flow


Boomi Flow is a workflow management and application development tool that helps users automate recurring tasks, create engaging user experience along with accelerating workflow. The drag and drop editing tools help users visualize workflow while version control management helps in encapsulating all elements of applications. Boomi also offers users a knowledge base along with training and certification for core competencies.

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Volkswagen Group

Features Offered by Boomi Flow

  • Boomi Flow allows users to transform and automate workflows and processes with simple and intuitive drag and drop interface.
  • Create mobile application within a short time with its low code approach, and create an engaging experience for users.
  • With the help of custom applications and interfaces, seamlessly work with your team to meet business demands.
  • Read articles and best practices with Boomi's Knowledge base and take up the training and certification to develop core competencies.
  • Boomi allows you to package all the elements of application and distribute it to run on the cloud or offline devices.

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CRFT is a no code automation platform focused on cyber security and its implications, and helps cyber security teams to automate trivial and repetitive tasks without any custom software development. Since CRFT is a cloud based platform, it doesn't need to be deployed while also allowing seamless integrations with a low cost. Moreover, it helps you solve complex automation problems with your team, and boosts efficiency.

Features Offered by CRFT

  • CRFT's cloud native approach takes off the load of deploying, maintaining and scaling your applications.
  • It also helps you advance your stack with integrations with robust security tools and cloud services.
  • CRFT also helps you with reliability monitoring as well as your application's performance and logging.
  • CRFT allows users to begin with a free plan and charges only for the services that you utilize along the way.
  • It also helps you with defining and solving complex automation problems with your team, and hence boosts overall productivity and morale of your team.


As a developer, automation can help you evade recurring and trivial tasks, and hence, lets you focus on tasks at hand that need more attention. Although previously thought to be achieved through programming, automation these days can be accomplished without having to code, and the above listed applications help you do so. However, automation for different niches need different automation platforms, and therefore, you need to be careful with your choice of the automation platform.

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