Everything You Need to Know about Ola

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Oct 7, 2018 6 min read
Everything You Need to Know about Ola

How ola works, How to book ride on ola, How to be a driver on ola

You may have already read our post on Ola, which covered almost everything about this giant company. But, here we are here again with a new post on Ola which will cover everything which was left in the last post. So, let’s ride to the world of the best cab service in India.

What’s In a Name?

Each and every one of us was surprised by the name of this company. Ola is really a catchy name. Once heard, we cannot forget it. According to the company, it comes from the Spanish word “Hola”. I think this is the second most popular Spanish word in India, whose meaning is unclear by everyone. First is, of course, “Despacito”. :D Ola was such a unique, cool and short name that it has replaced the word “cab”. “Just book me an Ola” is so normal to hear at every home. At least it is better than saying “Book me a taxi for sure”. Maybe, that is the reason they bought the whole company and erased its name from the history.

Opportunities Created

As every other giant startup, Ola also created many job opportunities. Not only for youngsters, but it literally helped old people to make money. As a tech startup, they needed young people with a tech background and as a taxi startup, they needed drivers. So, not only people with a car but also people with auto taxi had the opportunity to make money. If you own a car, then this is an amazing investment opportunity for you. You can hire a driver and get your car registered in Ola. Or better, you can drive your car on your own which will save the driver’s salary. You can also become a driver for Ola directly if you don’t have a car. Auto Rickshaw drivers and Bikers also have an opportunity to earn money through Ola. Bike rides have really changed some people’s fate as most of the people know how to ride a bike and it is much easy to buy a bike rather than buying a car. Many youngsters from rural areas are not totally unemployed and can fund their own studies now. And most importantly, they also hire female drivers, which is a very great initiative and helped many single moms in India.

How To Become A Partner Of Ola

Here are some things you need to know before partnering with Ola:

If you are going to partner as a car owner, then your car must be with a commercial number plate. Your car should be in good condition even if it is a used car. For registration, you will need your aadhar card, Police Verification, and PAN, UID, Bank Statements, all the vehicles documents and of course, Driving License. Now when you have all the important documents, your car and a smartphone with internet access, you are all set to go. You can apply for Ola at Partner With Ola. The registration is very easy. Select the option that you want to work as a driver or as a car owner. Then fill the required details, viz., your name, your phone number, and your city. The company will contact you within the next 24 hours. They will assist you further for the registration. Or, you can directly approach them at their office in your city.

Ola Money

Ola money is an online wallet by Ola. You can use it to buy something, recharge your mobile, pay bills, and of course, pay for your Ola fairs. The best thing is, you get cash back in your Ola wallet by booking a ride. You do not always get it though, but most of the time, Ola gives an offer to its users. In other words, Ola money is another PayTm.

How To Transfer PayTm Money To Ola Money?

It really sounds gross, but if in case you need to transfer money from PayTm to Ola money, then you can simply follow the below steps: Click on “passbook” in PayTm. Click on “Prepaid Wallet”.Then, click “Send Money to Bank” and then “Transfer”. Fill all the details and the money will be back in your bank account. Please note that it will cost you some bucks as the transaction fees from PayTm.

Paytm Steps Gif here

Once you got your money back, then add it to Ola Money wallet from bank account. You can also get your Ola money back with the withdrawing option available in the app. It is not possible yet to directly transfer money from one wallet (PayTm) to another (Ola). However, we don’t recommend you to use Ola money at any place other than Ola Cabs. Just have a look at its reviews on Playstore.

Interesting Facts About Ola

>The most common names of drivers registered on the Ola platform are Ramesh (3079) & Suresh (2661). Other popular names include Sanjay, Rajesh, and Santosh.

>Ola initially started off as Olatrip.com, a website that offered package weekend trips.

>They never ask about the religion and caste of the drivers. According to the documents the customers don’t have the right to ask about the caste and religion of the driver.

>If all the vehicles on the Ola platform are made to stand in the line, the length would be 3895 Kms. That’s the distance from Kashmir to Kanyakumari!

>Bhavish Agarwal, Co-founder of Ola Cabs, still don’t own a car.

How To Book An Ola Cab

New users get yourself registered: After downloading the app from play store, get yourself registered on Ola with your mobile number or Email or just log in if you are already registered.


Get the points:

By booking on Ola you will get Ola points in your Ola wallet option.

Select your current location:

Select your location for the survey of getting a list of all Ola cabs available in that particular location. For example home, office, or your current or nearest location.


Enter your drop location and select car:

Select the pickup option and select the cab according to your convenience and you will see all the cabs available close to you. For instance prime, India, mini and Sedan.


Book your cab

You will see the “Ride Now” option. Click it to book the ride.


Receive the driver details on phone:

After clicking ride now you will instantly get the confirmation of the driver and its details on your phone.

Select route:

Within a few seconds you will see the en-route option on the map. you can also use your Ola money to pay. It's just a game of 2 to 5 minutes. It’s very simple to book a cab through Ola.


Cabs are not just a service, they have become a means of transportation. Just one tap and a car with a driver is just in front of you in a few minutes. Ola is a very convenient option for a cab. I think we will not have to wait for too long for auto driving cabs in India. However, it’s the biggest competitor, Uber, seems to make it successfully happen much faster, but miracles happen. Also, to bring auto driving cabs in India, Uber will have to go through our Government and their policies. They take 100% customs duty on luxury cars, what will happen to auto driving cars? Comment below, which one you use, Ola or Uber? How often you use cabs? Do you have any suggestions for cab companies?Share this post with all your buddies. Also, don’t forget to turn on the notifications from Startuptalky!

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