Pharoscion Global - A Modern-Era Digital Transformation Business Started With Just INR 4000

Preeti Karna Preeti Karna
May 27, 2022 11 min read
Pharoscion Global - A Modern-Era Digital Transformation Business Started With Just INR 4000

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Startup Name Pharoscion Global
Headquarters Pune
Industry Cloud and Analytics
Founded 2018

Pharoscion Global - About
Pharoscion Global - Founder and Team
Pharoscion Global - Startup Story
Pharoscion Global - Vision
Pharoscion Global - Name, Logo, and Tagline
Pharoscion Global - Services
Pharoscion Global - Work Culture
Pharoscion Global - Growth
Pharoscion Global - Challenging Aspect of Entrepreneurship
Pharoscion Global - USP
Pharoscion Global - Business Strategy
Pharoscion Global - Social Impact
Pharoscion Global - Future Plans

Pharoscion Global - About

The modern-era digital transformation agency, that is Pharoscion Global, finds its
humble roots in a simple call from Noble Park, Australia. It was on January 11,
2018, when they received the call from the owner of an E-commerce portal,
seeking assistance for his online business. Delivering a flawless, impeccable
solution and that too way before time snowballed into more and more
collaborations throughout the globe. 4 years later, with a vision of being
the Pharos of the 21st century for to-be and existing brands, we are more excited
about expanding our global footprints than ever.

Pharoscion Global - Founder and Team

Pharoscion Global Team
Pharoscion Global Team

Pharoscion Global - Startup Story

On January 11, 2018, out of the blue, Pharoscion ( got a call from Noble Park, Australia. The call came from the owner of an e-commerce portal, seeking assistance for his online business. The agency accepted the offer without hesitation and with the assistance of a web developer, delivered the solution flawlessly. As we all know, if you complete a project neatly and long before the deadline, it creates the necessary buzz, leading to more and more projects in the pipeline from different clients. And that’s exactly how Pharoscion Global became a modern-era digital transformation agency with a global presence—a bootstrapped agency profitably running the business. Without taking any funding from any investor, the agency has been able to make its footmarks in Australia, Nepal, India, the UK, and the USA and is now trying to embark on its journey in other countries as well.

Pharoscion Global is a cloud and analytics-based digital transformation agency that focuses on the modern-era needs of businesses and startups. With a team comprising minds from IITs, IIMs and other experienced scholars, Pharoscion is your partner in areas (not limited to) like Cloud-based IT Products and Services, Digital Marketing, Branding, Data Analytics, SEO/SEM, as well as in Creative and Ads. Since January 2018, the agency has been following the "4Cs" strategy: curiosity, curation, commercial, and commence, which has helped ventures achieve 10x growth. Just like any other business enthusiast, we too are
passionate about changing the world for the better.

Just the way Pharos, "The Lighthouse of Alexandria City," was built to help guide
ships into port and Julius Caesar, in his Civil Wars (Part III, 111-112), describes the
strategic importance as, "Now because of the narrowness of the strait, there can be no access by ship to the harbor without the consent of those who hold the Pharos." Likewise, in the 21st century, every Pharoscion has pledged to help businesses globally.

This journey has started with just INR 4000. Yes, that is the exact amount the agency spent on its very first project, bestowed by the Australian company – Everstore Australia Pty Ltd. This success is the result of the combined efforts of every Pharoscion. After helping Everstore Australia with its other portals (,,, one of its Pharoscion co-founded The Pizza Central, a franchised based pizzeria chain. Pharoscion
Global provides services in the areas of Digital Marketing, Branding, Software for Cafe Management, Business Development and Sales, Content and Copywriting, Website and App Development for The Pizza Central. When the winning streak continued for The Pizza Central, the agency expanded its business deliverables to the next level by launching multiple cloud-based apps like Food Khazaana, King Mechanic, PharoAssist, PharoBill, Branding and Digital Marketing, and tech products like ERP and CRM Solutions for big companies, which are running
in multiple countries successfully.

Pharoscion Global - Vision

With a vision of being the Pharos of the 21st century for to-be and existing brands, Pharoscion Global also geared up to team up with various prestigious institutes of India like IIMs and IITs with its flagship internship program, "Get Hands Dirty."
Agencies’ mission of helping startups and businesses like the sun by day and fire by night makes it drive its sensible approach towards social responsibilities. By collaborating with Dadheech International Trade Foundation, Brahmani Welfare Foundation, Sounds of Nidra, and many schools, it is doing its part in uplifting society and humanity.

Pharoscion Global - Name, Logo, and Tagline

Pharoscion Global - Services

Pharoscion Global offer varied services that fulfill your business needs such as:
a. Cloud Based Apps and Services (Azure, AWS & GCP)
b. Data Analytics
c. Custom App, ERP & Software Development
d. Web, Shopify & Wordpress Development
e. Digital, Audio/Cinema Ads, Content Marketing & Design Thinking
f. SEO/SMO, SEM/SMM & Amazon/Flipkart/Ebay Marketing
g. Artist, Event & Brand Management
h. Business Consulting

Cloud Computing - AWS, Azure & Other Clouds
With AWS and Azure Certified Solutions Architects, we build 'audit ready' cloud infrastructure that meets disaster recovery, traffic load balancing and security needs. Our cloud experts have a wealth of experience with different technologies and suppliers, so we can offer the best advice for your needs. We've spent years building cloud solutions that are perfect for businesses in both the UK and overseas. We ensure that our deep understanding of the cloud platform and the
efforts we put in will help you reduce operational costs and enjoy gains from new opportunities.
You'll also get our best practices, which will reduce your costs in the long run. Our projects begin with a discovery stage during which we discuss your business goals and project goals to create a tailored cloud design. As we design the infrastructure, we offer recommendations based on how much data is needed and how often it will need to be synced.
Data Analytics
As we know, Data is the new oil in today’s era. Our Data experts will examine your company’s data and will infer some insights from it which will help your company by giving a competitive
edge. Let our experts examine the data from your business and provide you with solutions that will set you up for success in this digital era. Our Data Experts use a variety of tools depending upon your company’s requirements, they generally say that we start our day with Ubersuggest, and end it with Google Analytics. They also mention Algorithms as a tool that helps us find data in the middle of the day. Learn more about our data exploration services by joining us.
Custom App, ERP & Software Development
In today’s digital world, it is very important to be present digitally as well. Whether you are an established business or just in a startup phase, in order to make the public aware of your business you will need an app or website. For this we are here to help you out. We provide a team of talented developers who are capable of building products for any device. Make sure to ask us

how we can help you with your business needs. We've specialized in both front-end and back-end web development for years. Need help with anything web-related?

Web, Shopify & Wordpress Development
Want a website which is user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing and aligned with your business goals. You are in the right place. We offer designers, developers and services tailored to all sorts of needs. Our full-service designers provide a professional website that is tailored to your business needs! We offer Shopify, WordPress, and other platforms. Get in touch with us today to get started on your new website.
Digital, Audio/Cinema Ads, Content Marketing & Design Thinking
We are an experienced team of digital marketers who know how to create custom solutions for any business needs. We help our clients in all aspects of digital marketing like social media marketing, web design and development, content writing services and more. We've been helping many clients in the field of digital marketing for years now and been a pleasure to see how our team has grown with the company. We believe that we can help you reach your goals and create
a digital presence that will make your customers feel at home.
SEO/SMO, SEM/SMM & Amazon/Flipkart/Ebay Marketing
We will optimize your websites well and will provide you with the top optimization strategies to sell better in search engine rankings so that you can get an edge over your competition. Here at Pharoscion Global we have a team of strategists, designers, developers and content creators who work together to build successful marketing campaigns for our clients. We help brands grow professionally, both on and offline. The example of this is that we've helped create strong brand
presences on Amazon, Flipkart, EBay etc., as well as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
Artist, Event & Brand Management
Keep working on new skills if you want to stay ahead in the game, and we'll continue to provide everything you need. Keep working on new skills if you want to stay ahead in the game, and we'll continue to provide everything you need. Our team will assist you in all of your production needs as well as content development. We can also manage your event, brand representation and customer relationships to create the buzz around you and turn yourself into an artist that everyone in the world would be eager to see .When you're ready to launch, we can also help with PR, marketing and social media. Whatever your needs are in the world of production, our team will be there for you.
Business Consulting
Hard Work is not a replacement for a solid strategy and we know that consulting is 'More Than Giving Advice'. Let it be diagnosing a problem, which may require redefining the problem or assisting with implementing solutions. Let us help you with consensus building & commitment by solving problems that your clients will come across in the future. We will equip you with a new perspective for your business. We have worked in multiple industries and with a variety of clients which has given us valuable insight and ideas from many different
avenues. Creating a new campaign or business plan can be challenging and take up a lot of time - that's why we're here to help. We'll support you in getting your plan operational, communicating it well, and executing it too.

Pharoscion Global - USP

Our “Doors are always open” policy comprising of no hierarchy system and
adoption of a sports team mentality makes every employee feel at home. This
means that no matter the success we achieve, we don’t let our egos swell up. With
the culture at Pharoscion Global being result-oriented, our leaders and
stakeholders ensure that we better our bottom line growth every year while
delivering complete satisfaction to our clients.

Pharoscion Global - Work Culture

Every Pharoscion believes what Bertrand Russell says.
"Do not fear being eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric."

With a hybrid work culture since inception, and keeping the above quote in mind, the agency is helping as many ideas as possible to become successful start-ups and businesses with its state-of-the-art solutions in areas like cloud computing, data analytics, software and web development, marketing, branding, and artist management. In this pursuit of excellence, it has also collaborated with its global partners – NxtGen, HostingRaja, and 3dotcommunication – and firmly believes in making Pharoscion Global a brand that people around the world trust. Every Pharoscion on the team is a proud supporter of the Union Government of India's MakeInIndia, #VocalForLocal, and #StartUpIndia initiatives.

Every Pharoscion is committed to enlighten your businesses with latest technologies, design thinking, business consulting and digital marketing.
Pharoscion is currently supporting MSME Businesses Globally in 4 Continents successfully.
As a team we aim to become a global brand on which people trust.

Pharoscion Global - Work Culture
● The people working at Pharoscion Global are not just employees. They are
stakeholders who are responsible for embodying the vision and mission of what
we want to achieve in the present and the future.
● Hybrid work culture makes the people working here adaptive to the changing
scenarios of a post-Covid working environment.
● With the motto of “Work hard, Play harder” ingrained into our day-to-day work,
we celebrate each other’s achievements as well as various occasions together.
● Full autonomy is provided to every stakeholder in the company. The coaching
style of working ensures that no one faces stress and are able to work to their full
● Just like Incredible India, we also have people from diverse
background and cultures here, supporting us in every step of the way.

  1. SPOC
    Venkatesh Vani
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Startup Name
    Pharoscion Global
  5. Year Founded


  1. Website URL
  2. Tagline
    Scions Enlightening Businesses
  3. Title
    Do you believe that you too can start a modern-era digital transformation business from just
    INR 4000?
    Read this interesting story!

Pharoscion Global - Business Strategy

Ever since our inception, we have been following the “4Cs” strategy: Curiosity,
Curation, Commercial, and Commence, which has helped our customers achieve
10x growth. Just like any other business enthusiast, we too are passionate about
changing the world for the better but following the “4Cs” strategy has helped set
us apart from the host of other startups out there in digital transformation.

Pharoscion Global - Growth

A steadfast commitment to bring about a smile on the customer’s face and give
them an epitome of satisfaction with our smart, superior solutions is the only
yardstick by which we measure ourselves with. This is also reflected in the
phenomenal testimonials provided by 30+ clients in more than 5 countries.

Pharoscion Global - Challenging Aspect of Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur’s road is full of challenges and overcoming these challenges is a
part of his daily routine. Most entrepreneurs feel as if there is so much to
accomplish in various aspects of the business. In such a scenario, productivity and
focus takes a hit. However, with careful planning and delegation, almost every
obstacle can be overcome by an entrepreneur.

Pharoscion Global - Social Impact

Trust. Period. In today’s world, trust is a word that is often thrown around and yet not a single step is being taken to achieve what the word “Trust” actually means.
We, at Pharoscion Global, like to put our money where our mouth is by not just
delivering world class solutions, but also delivering them well before time. We
build trust by making you trust our capabilities time and again.

Pharoscion Global - Future Plans

Having a global vision while keeping the flavor Indian, we hope to strengthen our existing core competencies and at the same time, add more to our arsenal to keep up with the fast-changing scenario of the tech world. We aim to foray into the
next two habitable continents as well within the next three years.

Expanding our arsenal in terms of technology and providing those technologies
and services in regions such as APAC, EMEA, and the Americas is one of our
future goals. We are working diligently towards achieving this and other strategic
initiatives for building a sustainable and global business.

A good entrepreneur is one who thinks that he can do it all by himself and will
instruct colleagues to perform their respective tasks whereas a great entrepreneur
is one who knows he cannot do it all by himself so he first hires great people and
allow them to sail the boat based on their capabilities.

Pharoscion Global - Helping Local Businesses

Going global doesn’t mean we don’t cater to the smaller, homegrown brands. We
proudly serve and provide our services to local, Indian startups which bolsters our
commitment to the Make in India, Vocal for Local and Atmanirbhar Bharat
We have brands from various Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities whom we provide our
services to. The various channels and processes that we provide them with for
growth is not only growing their brand in India but also helping them go global.

Pharoscion Global - Why one should associate with them?

As already mentioned, we, Pharoscion Global as a brand, want to be known for
Trust, Trust in us from our clients, Trust in our Stakeholders to deliver the best
solution and Trust in ourselves to build the best team. Moreover, we want to walk
hand-in-hand with the growing MSME sector. We believe we can contribute
positively in this area which will also strengthen our commitment to the Make in
India campaign. We want to take this campaign a step further in the direction of
"Make in India for the World" and we are looking for someone who aligns with
this vision of ours.

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