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StartupTalky is one of the strongest community in India and we have a lot of professionals who are doing great in their lives. To share their learnings and inspire as many people as we can, we are interviewing all the StartupTalkers in our "Know the StartupTalker" series.

Today, we have Priya Singhi as our interviewee. Priya Singhi is the founder of Emerge Technologies and she is also a Web designer and developer from Mumbai. "Keep your eggs in the different baskets" Priya quoted saying that the best lesson she has learned in life. You will learn a lot from this story of Priya Singhi in his own words.

Your Autograph stand for?

Priya Singhi

If you're asked to choose a three words for your autobiography, what would it be?

Strong, Focused and dedication

Who Are You?

I'm very keen on learning new things. I love challenges. I believe I'm good at understanding the client problems and provide the solution based on that. I work in website creation and web development technologies. I'm very keen on design, layouts, structuring of content, UI/UX. Currently, I'm learning digital marketing.

What is Your Typical Day Like?

Starting my day at 6 in the morning, I'm on my office desk by 9 am and then working till the dawn. That's how my day goes by.

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What are you currently working on?

I'm the founder of Emerge Technologies. I have a small team of 3 people along with me. Our work currently comprises of Web Front-End development and graphic design work.

What is Your Startup Struggle?

Initially, I struggled a lot to get projects and associations with the agency but that was great learning, Now I'm quite confident how to pitch for a project and ways of getting leads from different networks.

What Are The Tools You Can't Live Without?

I don't use much of tools, as I have a built-in project system which is very useful for my projects. Other than that Skype, AnyDesk and few more.

Who is Your Favorite Entrepreneur and Startup?

Udit Goenka. I think he is a knowledge bank, he knows so many things.

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What do you think about the future of the Indian Startup Ecosystem and how can we make it better?

I have to still explore this.

Any Hack You Want to Share?

"Keep your eggs in the different baskets" that is what I have learned. I started my journey as a small freelancer. Now I'm growing into a good team without a single penny on marketing. I have made 4 websites for my business, each website has different keywords. For example, one website has lots of keywords for freelancers, another website has for outsourcing, and one more has keywords for the web development company, so I keep getting inquiries of all sort from these websites.

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I appreciate the team of startup talky for all the handwork, you guys have created a beautiful platform, I love the topics it covers, the interactions and everything on StartupTalky.

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