Product reviews can help you in a number of ways and even be crucial in your sales process. The fact is, 90% of consumers read online reviews before even visiting a business. Similarly, 77% of B2B buyers conduct their own research before talking to salespeople. Not only that, but buyers who consulted online reviews during the software selection process were ultimately more satisfied with their purchases. Third-party B2B software review sites operate in the same manner as review websites for consumers, such as TripAdvisor and Yelp, and they can help build awareness about your product.

Here are some of the most popular business review directories where you can list your SaaS product and gain some attention.

G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is one of the leading software reviews and rating site of the world. With more than 160,000 reviews and ratings on the latest software, it leverages over the other review sites. It gives transparent and honest reviews to the software and products. Reviews about products on this website are often by trusted consumers. It helps in taking the best business decisions. Technology buyers, investors and analysts use the site to compare and select the best software based on peer reviews and synthesized social data.

G2 Crowd
G2 Crowd | SaaS Product Review Sites


  • There is no PPC that would allow companies with larger cash piles bid more to outrank their products. With only premium features and press releases, the rank is more unbiased.
  • Has a search bar that allows SaaS buyers to filter software by pricing, by software a buyer already uses and by company size.
  • Provides the do-follow link to your website.
  • Has a G2 Crowd Grid that shows all vendors on one graph.

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Capterra is one of the most popular Saas review sites that give consumers an insight into the latest and trending B2B software available for the business. It is owned by Gartner. With over 5 million reviews and 300+ categories in the website, Capterra provides the recommendation about the top-rated Saas software in each category. It has blog posts, buyer’s guide and user reviews for consumers to select the perfect Saas software as per their needs.

Capterra | SaaS Product Review Sites


  • Capterra has around 400 categories.
  • It is owned by Gartner just as some other review platforms like GetApp and Software Advice.
  • Doesn’t link to your website.


Trustpilot is one of the most popular review websites in the world. During 2013- 2014 more than 17M reviews have been posted in 15 languages on Trustpilot covering over 120K businesses in 65 countries. The reviews your customers publish on Trustpilot may appear in three places: Google organic search results, Google Shopping Merchant Reviews, Google AdWords Merchant Reviews. Also, as a Google Trusted Seller partner, you have the opportunity to use Trustpilot reviews in your rich snippet markups on Google search. Not listing on Trustpilot would be kinda like not paying for parking—careless.

Trustpilot | SaaS Product Review Sites


  • If you have a free listing, you’ll get 100 invitations per month to send to your past, present or future customers.
  • Advertising service prices start from $300 per month.
  • Provides analytics for your reviews.

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GetApp claims that millions of professionals use its reviews to discover and compare web-based applications capable of helping their business grow. Some of the most popular categories on the site include Business Intelligence & Analytics, Collaboration Tools, CRM, Finance & Accounting, HR & Employee Management, Integration Solutions, Marketing and Project Management. The GetApp review process is quicker than on G2Crowd, so it’s easier for your users to leave reviews, but they’re not as in-depth as other review sites.

GetApp | SaaS Product Review Sites


  • Lists business web apps and mobile apps.
  • Unlike Software Advice, allows free business apps.
  • Has a search bar that allows SaaS buyers to filter apps by pricing model, supported devices, served geographies, buyer’s organization type, the number of employees, and the apps they are integrated with.
  • Doesn’t link to your website.

Software Advice

Software Advice claims to simplify software selection for you with more than 390 detailed software guides that include thorough descriptions and reviews covering ease of use, functionality, quality and support, as well as a wealth of helpful screenshots showing the user interface of each product. It’s a good way to make sure a solution will fit your needs before you dive in to more detailed research on vendor websites.

Software Advice
Software Advice | SaaS Product Review Sites


  • They provide free call consultation for all software buyers.
  • Quality leads are the main KPI used by Software Advice in their advertising services. Software Advice promises equal exposure to all advertising vendors.
  • Does not list free apps, third-party add-ons or integrators.
  • Provides the do-follow link to your website only if you join lead generation program and buy Visit Website button as a premium feature for your profile.

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It is one of the fastest growing B2B software solutions review websites. It is the platform where clients can find the software and the services. It offers consumer to compare software and provides a brief of the software price, functions and features. The reviews prepared by a team of experts in the B2B software analysts help the consumer choose wisely. For consumers, FinancesOnline acts as a handy comparison tool.

Finances Online
Finances Online | SaaS Product Review Sites


  • Provides software reviews, comparatives, and alternatives.
  • Has a wide range of marketing options like premium features, press releases, industry awards & certificates.
  • Has an additional focus on finance software.
  • If your product is not in Top 10, let alone, not on the first page, it might be difficult to get exposure. A user needs to scroll through the Most Popular section and a great deal of other content to get to the main list of products.
  • Doesn’t link to your website.

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SaaS Genius

SaaSGenius helps in searching software options, designed for online use. Users submit reviews to the website. The submissions get evaluated before being posted. It works with companies and integrates a wide range of third-party services. Consumers find a complete directory of Saas products, covering all the basic information, pricing, alternatives, reviews and comparisons.

SaaS Genius
SaaS Genius | SaaS Product Review Sites

SaaSGenius allows a consumer to compare and discover new business tools. The reviews are based on a unique submission system and guarantee unbiased information. Vendors are allowed to add their products and services to the website for free.


  • Features pricing, comparison, alternatives.
  • Lead generation options: Premium profile costs $197 with premium placements and multiple links to your website
  • Alexa Ranking: 363,059
  • SimilarWeb Monthly Visits: 20.50K

Startup Talky

StartupTalky is top startup media platform for latest startup news, ideas, industry research and reports, inspiring startup stories. Although they are much into startup news, ideas and industry research, Saas is a essential part of startup. They have a dedicated section for Saas news, ideas etc. Also they provide good Saas service.

Top Ten Reviews

Tired of sorting through long lists with dozens of options for every type of application you need? Top Ten Reviews will help you narrow down your options with – you guessed it – top ten lists comparing the best products in all kinds of categories, from software to electronics. Save time by letting someone else do the initial investigation for you and focus your search on the options that have been proven to work.

Top Ten Reviews
Top Ten Reviews | SaaS Product Review Sites

Top Ten Reviews understands the diversity of requirements of individual users and hence, displays reviews according to features and pricing. Top Ten Reviews has an assembled team with experience and specialized skills who utilize different methodology in reviewing the latest software.

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SoftwareSuggest is a leading B2B software discovery and recommendation platform. It has listings across 425 categories. Users can get detailed software comparisons and get live assistance in shortlisting the right software for their business. They can also submit reviews (which are only published after verification) of software they have purchased. SoftwareSuggest’s dedicated team of software experts is available 24/7 for assistance and advice related to all things of software.

Software Suggest
Software Suggest | SaaS Product Review Sites

The website helps in shortlisting and selecting features, compare them with multiple software, ask and receive a quotation from software vendors, and present the perfect reports. The website offers insights into the product and services that help in establishing credibility and initiate a further purchase.


  • Is one of the largest review recommendation platforms in India.
  • Premium partners get on top of the lists and can purchase leads (pay-for-lead-model).
  • Software buyers can compare software using Software Evaluation Tool at SoftwareSuggest’s website.
  • Offers free consultations for software buyers.
  • Doesn’t link to your website.

Why List Your Product in Review Websites?

Increased exposure and social proof.

The more places that prospects and potential clients can discover your information, the stronger your brand equity becomes, and the stronger your brand perception will grow. SaaS directories allow you to truly dominate the research phase of the buyer's journey.

Bad reviews teach, good reviews sell

Not all of your reviews will be positive. Moreover, people are more likely to leave a negative than a positive review. Because if relations go smoothly, your prospect thinks that’s the natural flow. When something goes wrong, it’s time to voice what happens. Bad reviews point out to your weaknesses, helping you better your customer support, product, onboarding, whatever issue they address. Good reviews help you increase your brand reputation and close more sales.

Similar to how you run Google Ads, many SaaS directories offer paid ad opportunities if you want to further increase your exposure through these key channels.

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Your future customers need social proof before they reach out to you

Reviews matter for all kinds of buyers, but especially for B2B. Testimonials, case studies, reviews on 3rd party sites, Facebook recommendations – all they are part of your social proof strategy. And having verified reviews from real customers should mean the world to your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Every single one of these sites that you choose to list on will come with a dofollow link back to your core site. These links, particularly from high ranking sites. will help you build your site’s authority and improve your search rank for the keywords that matter most to you.

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Show that your business exists to serve people

Companies, marketing, and business, in general, are becoming even more human-centric. Every customer matter as competition is high, especially in the SaaS industry. And if you work on personalization, customer engagement, retention, chances are high your business will survive and grow.


Now that we covered a bit what a B2B software review site is about, you might be thinking about getting some presence one or more of these sites. Once you’ve made a short list of sites to target based on popularity and influence (you can use this as a starting point), begin by checking the categories supported by each review site. Some sites will be more relevant than others to your business, based on the category criteria. First, you’ll need to take the time to gather some reviews, increase your visibility and get some validation. Explore paid options as a second step and, regardless of your strategy, always keep encouraging your clients to provide fresh, authentic reviews of your products. Which site are you using? Please let us know in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a SaaS company work?

A SaaS company works by providing you access to software remotely, most often via a web browser. There are three elements common to most SaaS software that are one does not need to install or license it. One needs to pay on recurring basis to access it.

What are best review sites for SaaS product?

Capterra and G2 Crowd are one of the best review sites. For Capterra, to rank in their search you do need to place a bid. The higher the bid, the higher you rank in search. That said, the more and better reviews you have on Capterra (these reviews also propagate to GetApp and SoftwareAdvice) the higher your conversion rates will be, and the lower your CPC’s will be. These review websites are important  for visibility and reputation of brand.

The positive reviews play important role. They are important for reputation of the brand. To encourage your customers to review your product on SaaS product review sites, you can make list of your happy  customers, send them an email asking for review, take a follow up and thank every individual giving you review.

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