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Who am I ?

I am Change-Agent and I do "same" thing in different ways, that's why people call me an Entrepreneur. Bringing uniqueness and making unusual concepts are habits. My Unique venture launched in 2008, MeriCAR is an innovation to bring small garages on one digital platform.

I launched my own hashtag #ASKrakeshSIDANA to help startups is another example of doing the same thing (aka mentorship) in different ways in StartupTalky group.

My unique four books are full of own experiences:

  • I want to fly
  • Where are my wings
  • Where share is like love
  • Startup never fails

I believe in collaboration, that's a powerful tool to grow but it's not easy to bring everybody together when everybody has their own strength and weaknesses.  My contribution to startup ecosystem brought recognition as Mentor-of-Change by NITI Aayog. It will help me to help more startups. My passion and persistence are two keys to my success.

Startup Journey

"My Dream My City" is a mission, a vision to create entrepreneurs in 1000 cities by having partnerships with Local Entrepreneurs. Now, India will see the power of Local Entrepreneurs Network. This network is helping two kinds of users "car owners" and "car mechanic" across India. This project never let me sleep and I am happy to eat the fruit of success in almost 100 cities already. I am sleepless (aka passionate) from the last 9 years to draw a big line.

The Bitter experience

Challenges are parts of the life. During a startup journey, many people cross your path and some learn from you and some are big lesson. Wrong partner, bad merger, unexpected results, run out-of-cash, hiring-firing are some of the bitter fruits I ate during my journey to make me more what am I today.

Memories I still remembers

I only remember great memories that keep me motivated. Some of them are

  • Spending times at IIM-Ahemdabad
  • Appeared at ETNow entrepreneurs tv show
  • My first cheque of funding

Living every moment of togetherness with my early team for success. It's 9 years and MeriCAR is still ON.

Entrepreneuers and startups I admire Most

I don't follow anybody regularly because I believe I will lose my originality (of being Innovative). However, I do look upto Mr. Henry Ford for his persistence. From the present, Mr. Richard Branson for his way of enjoying his entrepreneurship zeal with all his Global businesses.

There are many to get inspired. In my own life, I admire my first mentor and investor of my venture, Mr. Gautam Sinha. Today if you read my experiences and I learnt industry thumb rules from him. He failed twice and sold his 3rd venture to Silicon Valley company before he became an investor in India. I interacted with many people in the past, I was mentored by senior people but I kept my originality intact of my own way of working and decision-making. If there is a failure, that's me... but if there is a success, that's also me.

My Powers

I know nothing, but I research a lot with a passion to know anything in-depth. I had no automotive background but I built India's first digital platform for small car garages. I never planned for writing but I am an author of three books. I am not a teacher but my online courses are accessed by over 2000+ students all over the world.

I know nothing, so I am not perfect and love all trades.

Let me share a hack for you!

I have no advice but only success-mantra. If you are interacting with robots (aka Computers /Mobile) then you need to transform your learning into technology to solve World's largest problems but if you are interacting with people, you have to learn the "right" judgement of them, not only their behaviour but also their intention. The world has created inequality of money and most confused are "middle-class" and money is used as a tool to change the behavior of people. Learn about people around you. Meet only Like-minded. Make your own trusted family network for better and successful life. Never Stop doing.

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