Richard Saghian’s Strategy For Bringing Millions of People to Shop Fashion Nova

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Feb 25, 2021 4 min read
Richard Saghian’s Strategy For Bringing Millions of People to Shop Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova joined the e-commerce world in 2015. By 2017, it was one of the most searched fashion brands, and in 2018, it was the most searched brand on Google. One question many people have asked is. ‘How was Richard Saghian able to bring millions of people to shop Fashion Nova in only five years?’

What are his strategies? What are his secrets

One thing Richard Saghian has said multiple times in interviews is that there is no strategy. However, there are many things he put in place to ensure that Fashion Nova became a successful brand. Some of these things he learned from his father, and he learned others by running the physical store from 2006 to 2013 before he moved online.

How Richard Saghian Was Able to Bring People to Shop Fashion Nova

One Goal

One thing that helped Richard Saghian successfully build Fashion Nova is that he did not divert his attention. He started the company with a plan in mind and kept at it until it became a success. Even when the brand became a success, he still sticks to the initial script and keeps delivering to his ever-growing customers.

Richard Saghian has used the same distribution channel (Instagram) since he went online. They upload over 30 pictures on their Instagram page in a day. Initially, Saghian’s goal was to open 100 stores across the U.S., but he realized that it doesn’t take as much effort, time, and money to run a successful business online. Since he decided to go online, his only focus has been to get more people on the platform, and he has been able to do this. Day by day, new visitors land on the Fashion Nova website and become paying customers.


Richard Saghian has been able to get millions of people to shop Fashion Nova because he knows where millions of people are.
The majority of people are in the middle-class market. They cannot afford the prices of luxury brands. That’s why they prefer to shop from fast fashion brands like Fashion Nova.
Instead of getting one Dolce & Gabbana dress, they can easily buy an entire collection on the Fashion Nova website.
Moreover, Fashion Nova is even more affordable than other fast fashion brands. You’ll see products being sold for as low as $30 and some for even $20.
Some people believe that only second-hand clothes are sold for so little, but Fashion Nova clothes are freshly sewn, trending items that are guaranteed to last much longer than second-hand clothes.

Ultra-fast fashion

“There is fast fashion, and there is ultra-fast fashion.”
Fashion Nova prides itself on producing pieces faster than any other fashion brand and the customers are living for it. They focus on producing what is trending at the moment.
Fashion Nova has over 1,000 manufacturers producing samples within 24 hours.
How are these designs obtained?

The social media team is always on the search for new trends and new styles that the Fashion Nova audience will love. They don’t only take runway looks; they take every style that is trending at the moment. After getting the styles, they send them to the design team.
The tailors make all the samples within 24 hours, and they are ready for the models to wear and take pictures within two days. No other fashion brand is that fast.

Fashion Nova releases between 600 and 900 new designs every week. Everything is always new, so people will always see something different they would love to wear, and they’ll buy it straight away. It’s affordable too. So, why not?


This is one major way that Richard Saghian was able to make Fashion Nova stand out from other brands. He realized that other brands didn’t have anything for plus-sized women or those with curvy bodies.
Even when these other fast fashion brands were forced to make clothes for those categories of people, they were unable to make them well. People will not wear something that doesn’t make them look attractive.
So, Fashion Nova decided to do something different.
He made clothes for the plus-sized and curvy ladies. Instead of making something that doesn’t show their figure, he makes them feel proud of their bodies by releasing the same model-figure designs for plus-sized and curvy women, but in a way that defined their body curves.
By doing this, he was able to tap into a larger market and gain millions of customers.

Social media strategy

Fashion Nova’s social media strategy is responsible for the success of the entire brand. The first thing that will catch your eye when you check the brand’s Instagram page is the number of posts they have on the page.
Fashion Nova uploads over 30 posts daily. This results in a large daily engagement on their posts. Since followers are always seeing their posts, they are more likely something from the store or tag their friends on items they think they’ll like.
Apart from uploading frequently, Fashion Nova also engages its followers. The page features NovaBabes daily and they also ask their customers some questions that will help them improve their services.
By doing this, customers can confidently purchase Fashion Nova wears since they know the brand always puts them first.

Influencer marketing

Without influencer marketing, Fashion Nova wouldn’t be as famous as it is today. As the brand started getting more customers, Richard Saghian was able to gather enough money to pay top celebrities and influencers like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B to market their pieces.
Cardi B once openly promoted Fashion Nova in her song ‘She Bad.’ She also wears Fashion Nova pieces frequently and uploads the pictures on Instagram, prompting followers to shop the look. In 2019, she released a second collection with Fashion Nova that made $1 million in less than 24 hours. By having a huge network of influencers ranging from micro- to macro-influencers and celebrities, Fashion Nova has been able to reach millions of people.

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