Risers Accelerator invests in NuNu TV

New Delhi, 23 March 2020

Risers Accelerator invests in NuNu TV

Risers Accelerator, Delhi-based conglomerate of 35 entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, has invested INR 50 lacs in NuNu TV which is a YouTube channel gaining immense popularity among kids by Sprout Studios.

Risers Accelerator has been aggressively promoting start-ups with good business potential and positive social impact since its inception. NuNu TV, which is a free-to-subscribe YouTube channel helps kids to learn and watch quality educational and moral content perfectly met the funding parameters of Risers.

Founders and promoters of NuNu TV believe that the funding from Risers will help them to focus on quantity as well as the quality of their video content which they develop to improve the learning of their young viewers with a wholesome blend of knowledge and entertainment.

On raising funds from Risers Accelerator, Rahul Rohilla, CEO of Sprout Studios said, “We educate kids in a highly entertaining manner to enhance their digital learning. Watching our animations, they enjoy, have fun, sing, and dance along with peers and siblings. But, generating creative content in large volumes requires larger infrastructure and team. Now, we can think about extending our reach by making animations not only in Hindi or English but also in the other regional languages of India."
Pravin Khandelwal | Risers Accelerator
While choosing Sprout Studios as a promising investment option, Pravin Khandelwal of Risers Accelerator said, “The investment in this company is a reflection of our policy to provide support to all sectors. We want to accelerate start-ups that have good business potential. The underlying philosophy is to give a helping hand to people who have bright ideas and can transform the business industry. If these start-ups are promoted they will generate employment that will help the economy grow."

New Delhi, 27th Feb 2020

Increased demand for Probiotics is healthy for startups: Risers Accelerator

Increasing demand for probiotic food and cosmetics is opening vistas for many young entrepreneurs in the growing startup ecosystem of India. Influenced by recent researches which claim that probiotic microorganisms are good for gut and skin, a large group of health freaks in urban areas are switching to probiotic food and cosmetic products and their growing demand is giving birth to some really innovative startups.

At 7.3 per cent CAGR, the global probiotics market is expected to reach USD 74.69 billion by 2025. And, being the 3rd largest market in the Asia-Pacific region, India is offering a promising future to startups trying their luck in this emerging segment. As it is the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to project India as a Global Startup Hub, the Government is taking adequate steps to promote new ventures in probiotics. So far, 35 Bioincubators of world-class facilities have been set up in various parts of the country.

Although there are many foreign and domestic brands are already enjoying a trailblazing performance in the lucrative probiotic market of India, last year, 87 startups and entrepreneurs are supported by the Government. Earlier, the market has been divided into three major segments: Probiotic functional food and beverages; Probiotic drugs and dietary supplements; and Probiotic animal feed. Lately, beauty & cosmetics also becomes a prominent category in this realm.

According to Risers Accelerator -- a conglomerate of 35 individuals based out of Delhi promoting start-ups with good business potential -- the applications for investment in probiotic startups have grown manifold. Last year, 22 probiotic startups were enrolled at Risers Accelerator. Cosmeto Food Organic Pvt Ltd was amongst the probiotic startups that also raised funds. Looking at the scope and the way plan of Cosmeto, Risers Accelerator has funded Rs 4 crore for to this growing startup which provides taste-able and authentic Ayurvedic organic handmade skincare products.

Sharing his view on how potential is probiotic for startups, Mr. Rachit Chawla, Director, Finance and Technology, Risers Accelerator, said, “Creating market for products a company wants to launch is the toughest challenge for an entrepreneur, but if the market is full of untapped potential, it is easy to hit the jackpot. People are already aware of the benefits of probiotics; now, it is the turn of brands to improve their access and convert prospects into customers.”
"We are not restricting ourselves to any particular industry or sector, but we want to accelerate start-ups that have good business potential. The core philosophy is to give a helping hand to entrepreneurs who have bright ideas and vision to foresee present and future opportunities. If these start-ups are promoted, they will generate employment that will help the economy grow," Chawla further added.

About Risers Accelerator :

A well-integrated team of 35 young and successful entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds and sectors wants to facilitate startups which have a globally scalable business framework, salable offerings, and capability to foster social growth. The clarity about the business ecosystem, focused strategies, and 700+ years of cumulative experience make Risers Accelerator an ideal startup accelerator for aspiring entrepreneurs, firstly in India, and gradually, all over the world.

Risers Accelerator promotes promising startups; no matter from which industry or sector they belong to. If the idea/concept has potential to perform in the market, strategies can be utilized as traction, and leadership has the power to magnify the goals, Risers has all those catalysts which are required to boost their growth. All the 35 mentors have a good track record as leaders of successful startups, and they have carved distinct positions for companies in their respective industries. Risers is the only startup accelerator platform in the world where every mentor has relevant, pragmatic, and inspiring experience. Diversity is their power, experience is their strength, and knowledge is their weapon. And, when it comes to ethics and transparency, the values they have imbibed enhance confidence in their strategic mission.

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