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Who am I?

Doer! I have basically done everything from copywriting to coding. From Making Videos to Editing them to making websites. If there's anything that I cant do, I know whom to contact! So ya, in short, I know to get things done.

This is how my typical day looks like

If you wake up and be me, firstly, be prepared to work 18 hours. And some times 3-4 hrs without a break. So I wake up, get ready, read the papers and go straight to the office. I make a list of what needs to be done in the day priority wise. And list the deadline for the task and how long it is manageable.

I then do the most important tasks first and dont do emails till the afternoon but post lunch. Post lunch I put some music on and do the mid important works which include the phone calls and emails. In the evening, I shut at 6.30. Have my dinner around 7 and 2-3 times a week I play badminton. If not, I would just watch some videos and relax or read. Post 9,I am back to work if iIam not going out for a walk or something. And till 1 or 2 am I work, then off to sleep.

What keeps me Awake

I run couple of e-commerce companies which are ranging over 4 store. 1 Digital Agency that serves multiple clients and a couple of personal project at the moment in the food and tech space.


Oh struggles are many! Payment Issues, Legal struggles will be there for everyone!

Tools I love

Discord and Trello are my 2 Go-To tools.

What do I read

I am more into biographies. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Nelson Mandela are my favorites.

Let me share a hack for you!

Make a list. It always helps you to learn where you stand.

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