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Today, we have Mr Roshan Rawal as our interviewee. Roshan Rawal is the founder of a unique startup called ExpoSit. You will learn a lot from this story of Roshan Rawal in his own words.

Who Am I?

I am Roshan Rawal, a student of computer engineering at L. D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. I am good at programming, ideation and marketing. I recently found a startup named, ExpoSit which is AR VR based startup and supported by Gujarat Government. I am a community lover who loves to interact with people and make more and more friends. I took many initiatives from my school days to college. I found a club named to Innovator Club in college to create a healthy and innovative environment for innovation by students and for students. I love to participate in Hackathons and yet I participated in 9 and won 4 among them and also won one startup weekend Ahmedabad. Apart from that I am Microsoft Student Partner, Progate Student Ambassador and used to actively participate in organizing the events and fest at colleges. I love to do social activities on weekends so I am associated with HEYHI NGO where I do social activities like save the trees, painting dirty walls and many more activities. I love cricket and used to play when get time and like public speaking.

This is what my typical day looks like

Wake up in late in the morning and go to college then bunk class and start to work on startup till late night and then sleep well till late morning.

Tell us about your business model

It's ExpoSit which is an AR VR based Startup where we Provide AR VR services to manufacturing, real estates and working on educational AR VR product.

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The Bitter experience

As associated with government college, so initially to get funding and complete the government process was a very big headache but then meanwhile understand the process and going well.

Tools I love

Laptop, Phone and VR headset

I am influenced by

Mark Zuckerburg founder of Facebook as he started his journey at a very young age and succeed. This inspired me to start early.

Applications I love

Google and YouTube

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What I think about the future

It's going very well but we can do more better. There is a high need for entrepreneurship education and schools, so students can become job giver rather than a job seeker.

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