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Who am I ?

I will start my intro with my key skill and my primary work 'Customer Support Consultation'. I work with SaaS companies to streamline their customer support department starting from customers reaching to support, on-boarding up until retaining the customer for years. I have mentioned more about it on my website

I have 6+ years of experience working with different organizations across the globe and have multiple skill sets like writing, coding, web development, customer relationship management, customer support, customer advocacy, team building, marketing etc. Other than the consultation, I own a Web Development & Content Marketing Agency, 72Cubes.

As a writer and consultant I work with the Central Ministry of Indian Government. Me and my team work with other companies to help them acquire more leads, business and reach out to their potential customers with content marketing.

Working with great people and having some meaningful conversations is what I always look forward to.

This is how my typical day looks like

If you be me for a day, your day starts at 4.00 AM. Get up early and be ready on your working desk latest by 4.15 AM. Work until 6.30 AM with maximum productivity and go out with friends, get some fresh air and do some exercise.

Get some good heavy snacks and set for the office, be there by 9.30. Work with the awesome team of 72Cubes the full day, manage them, talk to clients, approach new clients, get on calls for hours for various customer support consultation sessions and in between all of these don't forget to grab some, coffee, snacks, fruits and lots of fun.

Get back to home by 7.30, spend some time with family, take dinner and probably there will be a call scheduled to be catered at 9.30 or 9:45 PM for an hour or so. If not rest, read some good book, spend time with your family or hangout with friends if that is Friday or Saturday.

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My startup struggle

It seems so easy and lucrative while planning and it becomes the worse while implementing, especially in the initial days.
As a startup initiator, you have to do a lot of things, but no time! Well, if you manage your time the right way, prioritize the things, you can get them done. A couple of years back, I had worked some 16-17 hours a day where most of the time I used to sleep on my working desk itself. It is all about having your tails on fire all the time and you can get all the work done.

Tools I can't live without

With the gadgets I will say my laptop, cellphone and a fast internet connection are more than enough, but with the tools there is a long list as below.
- Trello
- Basecamp
- Highrise
- Calendly
- Gmail / Skype / Hangout
- GitHub / GitLab
- Slack
- Google Docs
- MailChimp
- 1Password
- Zoho

My favorite Entrepreneur and Startup

When it comes to Entrepreneur, I love the work of Ido Ariel, founder of Barilliance. The way they have developed their organization and are maintaining its reputation with customers all over the world including some Fortune 500 Companies is something amazing.

It was a great time working with him a year back and to explore how he developed his company from the scratch. Specific reason to admire Barilliance is their service, business model and how fast they have developed.

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Let me share a hack with you!

First thing first, make most of your time productive. At times you may need to get off the bed early and get the shit done. Waking up early and starting your work, you can complete almost 25% of your work even before the others wake up. This gives you an extreme satisfaction that helps you stay positive for the rest of your day.

Other advice that we all know, but only a few understand and follow is to work and spend time with some awesome people who are atleast 10x better than you. Work with them and learn from them. This is the best way to develop yourselves and your skills.

I will like to add, soft skills and especially people skills are the most important learnings of your life. The earlier you learn, the faster you grow.

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Feel free to connect me on [email protected] for any professional stuff or just to wave!

So this is story of Rushi Adhia, who is always ready to help members in our community. Read stories of other StartupTalkers here.

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